Monday, November 05, 2007

A weekend of...

... in no particular order:
Fun, Gorgeous and Inspiring women, eating out, scrapping, meeting lovely people, enjoying wonderful classes, sisterly lovin', sun and surf, mini mum action, he and he and she! Here are a few pics from the last few days...

We had a wonderful time at PaperCrafts Festival in Sydney this past weekend. Got to spend some time with my lovely gal pal Celine and her man Damien. Also got to catch up with the lovely sweet Lusi. Both their classes were fabulous!! AND another wonderful part of scrapping for me is all the connections we make on this journey... all the beautiful souls we get to catch up with, such as cutiepieMel and Superwoman Beth {who had a baby girl AMY only 6 days prior, WOWSERS!!} both whom I met through Lus at KiwiScraps in April this year. HAPPY to see them. YES! Then there are always NEW people you meet, and at the time you cant quite recall how you know their face, but you do... and later you remember! Always happens to me! Funnneeee! I *did* get to meet and chat with the talented Danielle Quarmby, she's a hoot, has a great sense of humour! I *love* a good laugh, I am sure if we spent more time together there would be much snortage going on!

Its tough trying to balance such a major scrapping event and family. Nath was wonderful helping me get from class to class and taking care of Mikaela and Joshua. I had Josh in a two of my classes, or part there of and he was very cute and very well behaved!

Yesterday we headed down to Sydney, went past DavidMetNicole which was closed unfortuately. We then headed to Bondi, which was so great... we had the best time enjoying the sun and surf. I NEED to touch the sand, ocean and float in the waves as often as I can, its simply one of the best feelings in life!

Now I am home, working on some design projects, buying presents, off to a baby shower this afternoon and catching up with my sister Leanne.
Happy Monday!

OH and GOSH... I just want to say a HUGE thankyou for all your lovely comments about my DT position with Maya Memories... I am so chuffed :-)


Sharmaine said...

What great photos!!!
Glad you had a wow of a time and got to soak up some sea water :)

Patty S said...

great pictures! i really love the one of your two gorgeous kiddos!!! so cute!
and congrats on the dt position - way cool!
patty :-)

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

look at all those smiles and smooches! just perfect!

Anne Marie said...

Oh, Bek, I have to tell you that every time I click over to your blog I grin from ear to ear. Yes, you take gorgeous pictures ... but your family and your friends look so happy. I can tell just by the pictures you take that you have to have a tremendously delightful influence on anyone and everyone you meet. Oh, to hop on a plane to aussie-land just to catch some of those rays of sunshine in your home! You are truly blessed.

scrapwitch said...

love your gorgeous photos bek....
thanks for dropping by my blog babe.
baby joshua was such a good baby in class...congrats on your position with maya memories

lusi said...

Hello my sweets :0
hope your week has been ok thus far!
it was so lovley to see you guys over the w'end and hang out even for a teeny tiny bit!
LOVING all your photos hun - so spesh esp the one of Mikaela holding Josh in the light!
Hope all is well ;)
Love ya
Lus x

welcome to my world said...

congrats on the Maya memories DT im as excited as you to be selected as a DT member.
Love your Blog

ceanandjen said...

it all sounds like glad that you were able to enjoy this and be surrounded by both your beautiful family and friends.

wonderful photos!!!