Thursday, November 01, 2007

Exciting News...

I am so SO so EXCITED to be sharing my latest news... I have been selected to be a permanent design team member of Maya Memories...

I am delighted to take on this challenge and can NOT wait to share with you all my creations... sooooon. Just looking at the Maya site makes me want to scrap, its so yummy... go check it out. Delicious!

This is one of my things I wanted to achieve before my next birthday & it is here in purple pen on this here layout I did some time ago *smile*... and just secretly there are a few other major things in this list that have also come true. Hey when my birthday comes next May... won't it be fun to see how many things I have done on my list :-)?? Or not done for practical reasons...

I love that!
I love the whole "putting yourself out there and making your dreams come true!"
Taking a risk... and recieving SO MUCH joy for every single happy fortune that comes my way.
Whoo hooo...
Thanks for the opportunity Rajini.

Tomorrow I get to spend some time with her and her... and her, some other "dream catchers" I am blessed to know and call my dear friends.
Life is beautiful.
Have beautiful weekends lovlies and I hope you do some dream catching of your own, big, small and inbetween... all dreams count :)
Right now I am dreaming of a latte and some cake this afternoon LOL!


Mel said...

Congratulations on the Maya Memories dt thing!!!!! wooohoooo!!! Thanks for leaving your lovely comment on my blog, btw! It's going to be so cool to catch up with you on Saturday!! I so hear you on the dreams thing!!! I feel so fortunate that I can call my passion my career!!!
see ya soon
ps you can never have too many breast pads on hand!!! lol

Siany said...

HUGE congrats!! Thats so exciting for you!!

And have a great time at the festival!!


Jodes said...

OH MY GOD!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are Wonderwoman!
I am ringing you now and you better answer ;)

Sharmaine said...

Yay oh Yay oh YAY!!!
Well done Bek!! how VERY cool!!! WELL DONE WELL DONE!!
Enjoy the road and this journey your on!!

kimmie aka the godmother said...

you know I am just soooooooooo proud of you.... you are on a ROLL baby!!! kisses kx

Lus :) said...

Thank you for our *lunch date* today!
I'm so proud of you and your dreams are being achieved - that is PURE JOY right there!
See you tomorrow sweets!
Love Lus x

nicole said...

Congrats Bek that is awesome!
And love that lo - very cool stuff to get down on paper!

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

woo-hoo! congratulations!!!!

Anne Marie said...

Congratulations! Your layouts are so much fun, I can't wait to see more! Enjoy your latte and cake!

Wanda said...

How wonderful...Congratulations!
Been away for a few days, and really missed alot of your wonderful posts. The children are adorable as ever!!
Love and Hugs

Sarah said...

Congratulations, Bek! The site looks great - can't wait to see what you can come up with :)

Beth said...

YAY! I found you! Congrats on the Maya Memories DT!!! So cool to see you again yesterday! Great layout, I love the idea behind it!

ceanandjen said...

A huge warm congratulations to you are so incredibly talented and you deserve this!

I clicked on this page that you shared with us and does seem that so much of this has indeed come to fruition....which is also so fantastic.

Happiness. :-) xoxoxo