Tuesday, October 30, 2007


So I really wanted to catch up with this chick-a-dee at my 20 YEAR (YEAR 10) REUNION... record scratch... YES I am THAT OLD :) But I didnt, she wasnt there... THEN this morning I get an email from her. There we have serendipity... ain't life sweet!

I did catch up with two other gals I have known since I was 11... what a bunch of hotties HA! We didnt stay long, I forgot to put my breast pads in after I got dolled up LMAO! That is just SO ME! *grin*

Sunday we went to the airport open day and ended up catching a joy flight down to the coast in support of Breast Cancer awareness, hence the pink plane (SO KEWL). It was so bumpy, but L.O.V.E.L.Y... Josh was so great, didnt bother him at all. He had to wear that little belt, very sweet.

Here is a quick pic of the cutest baby EVER :) Bathtime last night...

SO looking forward to this weekend and catching up with her!!! AND the lovely She too :)

Hugs and Love


Patty S said...

look how big he is getting!!!!
he's adorable, bek!!!
and yea, those darn breast pads!!! that made me LOL! it brought back a memory -- my brother got married 5 weeks after sarah was born and i was in the wedding. i had to wait until after the birth to have my final bridesmaid dress alterations. i went for my fitting with teeny tiny sarah in tow and the lady at the shop was the nastiest thing - very rude - and i had to remove everything above the waist because of the style of dress to make sure it fit. well, wouldn't ya know, i should have left the breast pads in place at least because, well, you can guess what happened!!!! thank goodness there was a layer of thick frilly material around the chest area or i would have been in trouble!!!
enjoy yourself this weekend!
patty :-)

Marjolein said...

What a great photo of you and your friends!! Darn pads.... :-))) they spoil everything don't they?

OMG......Josh looks so cute!!! What a great photo, love it. And you are taking a class by Celine... wow.... awesome... jealous.... LOLOL have fun!

Darlene said...

beautiful you
beautiful family
adorable baby boy!!!

Too cute,
xOx darlene

ceanandjen said...

Oh my gosh, look at that last picture of him! He is indeed so incredibly beautiful.

Love that pink plane...and you are looking so beautiful yourself honey!