Thursday, October 18, 2007

This is what I see when I walk her to school...

So far today, I have managed to:
* Get my family up, showered and dressed for their days.
* Get Mikeala's hair done - such an issue some days, and a breeze others. Girls!
* Walk Mikaela to school while she rode her scooter.

* Take a few "artsy" photos on the way.
* Do some groceries.
* Post another RAK pack - I posted all the others yesterday... so they are on their way peeps :-)
* Enjoy our neighbourhood.
* Have an SMS conversation with my youngest sister.
* Breastfeed Josh at the local park on the way home, listening to the birds.
* Put the slow cooker on with our dinner - a creamy chicken mushroom concotion.
* Change a nappy or two.
And its not even 11 am. Life is GOoooooooood. Write your own list of all the things you have done SO FAR today, and I am sure you will be surprised with how much you've accomplished. Or not. Maybe its just me - I AM always surprised LOL!

Inspired by my latest InsideOUT magazine, here is a random Q&A...
- as little as possible! May be a first for me LOL! Tho I am always buying scrapping stuff - ATM I am sticking with the bare essentials (my monthly Sissey pack)
Changing - nappies :-)
Drinking - Illy coffee, only two a day - tho usually one.
Doing for dinner - see above
Planning as a Getaway - PalmCove at Christmas time, we have an apartment - its our annual family retreat - we cant wait:-)
Listening to - whatever I have downloaded onto my computer. ATM Crowded House.
Reading - Magazines, mainly house, home and garden ones - they are my FAVOURITE inspiration items. Plus brain can not read a novel just yet LOL! Maybe when on holidays.

If you are interested in playing along, answer the questions on your blog and send me a link, I'll add it to this post. I really like doing these short quick Q&As, its a good snapshot of today and works perfectly as a layout. Actually I have a "Gal Pal" mini album where I got them to answer these questions... MUST finish it and share with you.

Here are few finds from the magazine too - inspiration galore:
DavidMetNicole - a very kewl shop in Surry Hills Sydney - must get myself there, when?? I do not know, soon!
This site - which is all about trend spotting fashion, architecture, food and more.
Will add more later... seriously kewl stuff!

Have a lovely day people.
Gotta Love this life! - Crowded House like!!


Sharmaine said...

Thank you for the beautiful walk!

Shaz said...

M looks gorgeous... is it palm cove time again ? how the time flies. Thinking of you xxx

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

...*sigh* beautiful

Patty S said...

i loooooove that first picture of the path.... i could actually envision myself going into the picture and feeling the warm air and hearing the birds.... so beautiful and peaceful. and are those azaleas in the second picture? you are having my favorite season --- SPRING!!! --- enjoy it!
hugs, patty :-)

Anne Marie said...

Absolutely loving your photo of Mikaela! (and of course Josh.) Thanks for the fun Q&A, which I answered on my blog here: