Sunday, October 21, 2007

My place right now...

Looks like this:

No photo of me because I am feeling vain :-) And have not had my morning coffee yet!!!!

I should be in bed still but I just can NOT help myself... at Josh's 6am feed... I MUST get up (usually to the computer)!

AND - I am a bit "pumped" this morning - rather excited - because I am off to a scrapday. Its with CM, they are the only albums I use, aside from my minis, then of course... anything goes. Unfortuately my posse are not attending - due to uni assignments, european holidays and QLD escapes... SO I will be the only FreeStyler freak there!! LOL! Lucky for me I am taking the ulitmate universal LOVE item of a newborn babe... at 5 and a half weeks, this will be Joshua's first scrapday. How cute! Sure to be an even more distracting day then if my posse were there to chin wag with. Hopefully I still get a fair bit done!

I am also a BIT excited that first thing this morning we are off to an open day at the airport... we have not told Mikaela, she is obsessed by planes - cant wait to see how excited she gets LOL! EDIT: Ah... we went out there - tis NEXT weekend LOL!!Better a week early than a week later I say!

Last night we went to the Nara Candle Festival... was lovely!

Anywhooo - just a quick glimpse into my Sunday morning - when CLEARLY I should still be sleeping.

But I am up now... coffee time!
Hugs and love out to you all...


Shaz said...

Look at M she is growing up so quickly and josh and nath look so content Loved it xx

Wanda said...

Oh Bek, what beautiful pictures..all of them! I've been visiting my new great grandson, Issac, and now trying to catch up. Love the picture of the pathway...and both of the children are so so beautiful! Love & Hugs

chanel said...

just catching up on your blog ... i have been a bit slack in blog surfing lately! you have done some gorgeous lo's of your new little one ... he is so sweet. esp love the red and white one ...
hope all is going well with your new baby and you are settling in to the change ... enjoy it, it goes so fast!
luv chanel

Patty S said...

those candles are so pretty! thanks for the link - it's neat to see what goes on in other people's neighborhoods - even if they are on the other side of the world!!!
i hope you have a fun time at your day of scrapping - i'll bet the little guy will be the center of attention!
patty :-)

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

look at all those candles...that's just gorgeous!

Tanya Reedy said...

Hi Bek Thanks for visiting my blog I just love blog surfing!! It is amazing reading about other peoples adventures through life.
Your family is beautiful, Joshua looks just like his daddy!! & your daughter is just a glamour.
Will be visiting again.