Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Making your dreams a reality...

This is my Wish Jar I created some time ago... inspired by Keri Smith.

Along the same lines as my "dreamboard"... making your dreams and desires tangable and therefore achievable...

In very basic terms, my wish jar contains my list of 100 things I want to do before I die.

Interesting that I find at different times my blogging community are thinking along the same vein, Ali recently posted along this same matter.

I must say... the list IS very powerful. Since I created my wish jar... I have realised a number of wishes, such as:
. Meeting Emily Falconbridge
. Climbing Pisa tower (and let me say my "wish jar" is the ONLY reason I got to the top... otherwise there is no way I would have done it... in fact I was even chanting the mantra "100 things, 100 things" as I climbed, kinda terrified to the top LOL!!!)
. Climb the Eiffel tower (okay...technically not met as we took the lift!!)
. Have a healthy and happy baby in 2007
(there are many more... but I have a baby boy on my boob and dont have the time to elaborate!!

A few of the 100 things still to do:
. Meet Bono and Nelson Mandela
. Meet SARK, Sarbrina Ward Harrison and Keri Smith
. Meet my blogging sisterhood... friends I have made over the years
. Own a villa in Tuscany
. Work in Africa as an aid worker for a year or so
*grin*... loving dreams, we have gotta have them!!

I have more to add to my life list... I will post in its entirety soon.

Oh and please make sure you are part of my RAK giveaway!!

Gotta go change a dirty nappy!!
Peace out...


Wanda said...

What a lovely Wish Jar! I wish I could me you and your childen some day!! I think the Wish Jar is a marvelous idea.. You have so many wonderful ideas!!

Patty S said...

kudos to you for making your list and jar - what a great thing to do! (especially if you are accomplishing things on it! yea!)
patty :-)

ceanandjen said...

Not only is your list wonderful, but look at the actual wish jar! So beautiful. Bek, you are beyond talented. May all of your wishes come true.xoxo