Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Almost 2 weeks old...

... we are still trying to get into some kind of routine.
In some ways it seems like only yesterday... and other ways it seems ages since Josh was born.

I really have nothing else to blog... except for our little guy, cause that is about 95% of what my days are all about right now *grin*

Couple of events this week:

* Nath went back to work, tho comes home at lunch time every day... and is only 5 mins away.

* Joshua showers with his Dad every morning, its the cutiest thing. We take his change table into the bathroom and its a real team effort.

* Joshua had his first "big bath" with Mum today. Again... total team effort.

* I got my hair done... at the hairdressers! almost a year since I did that! Thanks to Kim for coming to assist me with Josh.

* Kaela had a storyboard to do for home work... to present as show and tell. Of course, she only told us two days prior... when Josh was about 5 days old. So on the morning of the show and tell ... we were all still working on the project. Josh was crying and ready for a feed, Nath was tending to him as I had only 5 mins to go on helping Kaela with her assignment. I called out to Nath "are you okay babes"... just as Josh cried. Mikaela turned to me and said "Mum, Josh needs you" She is such a sweet child.

I am tired.
Josh is darling gorgeous! Except if he is overtired and not settling, then... only gorgeous, not so darling.
Nath is being super supportive.
As is Kim (she makes a great surrogate Mum :-))
Mikaela is being very helpful.

I am itching to scrap - no brain power, time, or energy.
Also really looking forward to being able to walk Kaela to school with Joshua in his pram... a couple of weeks off yet - hopefully the start of Term 4.

Geez - I am way too impatient and tough on myself at times. I just want to be in the routine I envisage my days to be... not to still be in recovery. Mind you... I have had a couple of days where I have over done it and then paid the price later... so I am taking it easy and napping more. Asides, I am getting into trouble from Nath... and I know he is right - I do need to take better care of myself. In just two short weeks I have already made much progress in my recovery, so I am sure in another two... I will be feeling almost fabulous :)

Nath's Mum is visiting for a couple of weeks to meet her Grandson and to help us out.
Cant wait to catch up on all your blogs when I get a chance... dont know when that will be :-)

Love and Peace out...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

TOTAL opposite ends of the spectrum...

... yet both join in the middle be the most miraculous and precious gift of my life!
What am I talking about?
The amazing, joyful and intense experience we, as women, experience.
I really believe that we are the luckier gender to be able to experience giving birth, whether easy or "not so easy"... its brilliant and I wish I could have another 7 !!

Mikaela and Josh's birthing experiences were like chalk and cheese. One of the midwifes said to me that I have had the best and the worst of experiences. Stop reading right now if you do NOT want to know about the frank description of two very different labour expereinces!!!

Arrived 3 weeks early.
Contractions came on naturally and strong, very quickly.
I felt an overwhelming sense that I was not really doing anything, my body was doing it all itself and it was almost as though I was having an outter body experience.
I would say that this was definitely an "estactic birthing experience"
I felt estactic, amazing.. in tremendous pain, but not fearful.
She was born in 3 hours, 43 minutes after I arrived at the birthing centre.
I had no intervention.
No assistance (no gas, drugs, anything).
I did not tear.
I DID stand up and try and walk out of the room when her head crowned... LOL!
I left the hospital 16 hours later... enjoying a coffee at a local cafe with my sister and mother before going to get some clothes for her that would actually fit her.
She was 45cm long and 6 pound 13 (3120grms)... she was size 00000 - 5 zeros.

Therefore I thought my experience with Josh would be just as easy... or even easier. I was WAY wrong!

Was induced one week earlier than his due date because we knew he was big.
I had my waters broken, but no drugs required.
Contractions came on, my body was doing it all... but Josh was snug as a bug and not assisting.
I felt fearful and that I must have been doing something wrong, I could tell he was not budging.
He was born in 3 hours (THANK GOD)
I had A LOT of gas until the midwife took it from me !!!!
Josh did not decend at second stage... he was too big for me.
I required assistance via forceps delivery.
I tore, nothing TOO bad, but bad still and a very rude shock!
I hemorraged quite badly.
I then had to take drugs to contract my uterus and stop the bleeding.
I lost close to half of my blood supply.
Two blood transfusions were required... a total of 4 units, scary to say the least!
I had a catheter (small blessings :-))
I got an infection requiring antibiotics.
We stayed in hospital for 5 days... I had the VERY BEST care possible.
Josh was 50cm long and 8 pound 9 (3900grms), size 000 - 3 zeros (2 pounds heavier than his big sister - basically Josh was the same size at birth, as Mikaela was at 5 weeks).
He got slight swelling over one eye, which is gone now.
EIGHT DAYS LATER... I almost feel 100% again, still walking slowly and trying to rest as much I can.

I am SO grateful for the care I was given - it was amazing, my Doctor was totally on top of every complication... the midwifes were caring, supportive and attentive. Even tho the experience was nothing like Mikaela's I am sure it could have been much worse! Imagine how much bigger he could have been *eik* ... and it is likely that an emergency caesarean would have been required.

Thankfully the blood transfusions, intervention, shock, trauma... did not prevent my milk coming in! That would have been the worst for me as I breastfed Mikaela to 14 months and for me its one of the most special gifts as a mother. Its the most wonderful intimate experience... and at 3am when its just me and my boy in the rocking chair... I feel I am in heaven (well not every night, sometimes I fall asleep too and wake as my head bangs on the edge of the chair... LOL).

Josh is doing brilliantly, he is a great feeder and sleeper. Feeds pretty much by the clock every 3 hours, and we get a good nights run most the time. He is wonderful and I would do it all again to have the most precious gift in our lives, without a doubt, in a heartbeat.

I had some healing done the other day by a beautiful friend of mine, Vanessa. Yesterday I had a gorgeous massage... at the exact same time I was in labour with Josh a week prior!

At the end of the day, when all is said and done... I am feeling SO BLESSED!
Nath is the best father and partner.
When I had my "3 day post blues break down" he just held me so tightly as I sobbed and sobbed, I had nightmares the first couple of nights, and I am one of those totally daggy people who can not sleep without my guy... so I got about 2 hours sleep those first two nights. Thankfully he was able to stay in the hospital with Joshua and I on the third night as his sister Cass and her hubs, Matt, had arrived from Adelaide to visit. Nath has been the most brilliant support to me and he is so amazing with Josh. Our love has been strengthed by an inmeasureable amount. It is the best! He is the best.
Mikaela is the perfect doting (tho sometimes a little too enthusiastic, big sister) She is gentle and unselfish. She gives great cuddles to her brother. Mind you she is JUST SO BIG NOW - I feel like I am snuggling up with Nath when we have bed time cuddles and chats *grin*...
Kim has been THE BEST God Mother (allomother and sister) in the world... I am sure we lived together in Italy in a previous life... LOL!
Nath's family have been wonderful, my Dad and Sisters too....

I have some darling friends who have been checking in with me...

And *you*, thanks for all your prayers, I am sure they helped me a great deal in my recovery, and will do so in my continued recovery.
Life sure is perfectly beautiful... including the "not so good bits"
Oh... I have heard some incredible birthing stories over the past week... I want to write a book *grin*
WOWSERS women are amazing!!!
Say it with me sisters : "WE TOTALLY ROCK!"
Love and Peace out...

Monday, September 17, 2007

Look who's home...

Here are a couple of my fave photos of the moment.
The first photo is the most recent... and it is brilliant how much his hormonal rash has cleared up with my breast milk coming in... he is doing WONDERFULLY!

Joshua is the best little babe.
Mind... his delivery was not quite what I expected. It was a tough one, but we are over the worst of it now (gotta love the amazing female body) and we are HOME.

Thanks so much for all the blessings and emails from you lovelies.
To say that I am beside myself giddy with love and happiness would be a ridiculous understatement!
I have *SO MUCH* to share once we are settled.
Love out...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Its a.............. Baby Boy!!!!!!!

Joshua Robert Vavic was brought into the world at 11.24am today. He weighed in at 8 pound 10 (or 3.9kgs) and is 50 cm long.

Both Mum and Bub are doing well.....

Rebecca and the rest of us are thrilled with our new addition to our family. Bek is still in hospital and probably won't be out until after the weekend.

A big thankyou to Kim who was there to help us look after Mikaela and anything else we may have needed. Also a big thanks to the hospital and doctors and midwifes who assited us.

Unfortunately I don't know how to upload photos so we will have to wait until Bek and Josh are home.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

EAJC #36, Life is Beautiful....

YES, yes it is :-)
Em's latest challenge is a good one indeedy... here is my take on it:

Thanks Ems.
All good here, just tired and waiting, or waiting and tired... or tired of waiting!
Love and Peace.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday Morning...

Nanna is here!!
Nath's Mum, Jean is visiting for the weekend. Life is good.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

New Space...

Well ... it is re-organised space and so it feels new.
The lateral filing cabinet DID arrive before baby afterall!
Nath re-arranged the furniture for me last night and this is my new look studio.
Well "in-progress" new look studio as of course, there is still some cleaning to do.

AND now that I have my filing cabinet I can get super organised with scanning negatives and photos and placing things in ORDER! Mind you... I am preferring to read right now :-) I have this and this to keep my mind distracted/occupied for a day or two. Actually I am almost finished Penny's book and so I am avoiding it... as I dont want it to end!

Spring is definitely in the air here (well it WAS, tis a bit cool ATM). Tuesday I was inspired by the lovely Nicole with this and especially by THIS (I LOVE THEM TOO!)... to do similar to celebrate spring:

Happy Days.
Oh and go here to see a little bit of me :-)
Chuffed am I!? Yessim.

Nothing new on the baby front. Due the 20th, just that Mikaela came three weeks early and this one is a big one... so was hoping - but hey you know they have a mind of their own! 2 weeks to go today... and trying NOT to focus on it TOO MUCH. LOL!

I hope all is well with you and yours lovelies.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Says it all...

Happy Happy 34th Birthday to the very best man I know!
I love you Nath.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Fathers Day...

We had a beautiful day.
Three+ in the bed.
Horse riding.
Friends visiting.
Not much else.

Finally I got this mini-album finished TODAY!
Its a gift for Mikaela from Nath, to give to her in the hospital when our babe arrives.
Something special, go here to take more of a look see!
I *love* getting them involved in the art of scrapping!
Of recording memories and sentiments for our family.
Creating treasures for years to come.
As do they... all I need to do is look at their faces to know that :)


EAJC #35, Strength...

Em has yet another great prompt (and card to inspire) this week... what is your idea of strength, what do you consider your strengths to be?
My card is made up of torn japanese paper adhered with mod podge, some $2 letter stickers from the newsagent, mine freestyle word quote by Margaret Mead and the ever trusty monthly calendar from my Sududo desk diary...

I consider my main strength to be that I am an optimist. I am the one to always see the silver lining. It kinda drives my friends a bit mad at times, but mostly they are totally loving it, especially when I get it right against all the odds. Thats real fun!

I like this strength in me.
It is who I am.
Only, sometimes this strength can lead to great disappointment by others inability to turn a bad situation to gold.... but hey, thats what makes *me* ME and them ::them:: I suppose *smile* AND I have learned not to hold expectations on others, just myself.

Of course... I DO have crap, blue, rotten, funky days, but ultimately I will always see a better solution than the one I was thinking of...

Life is as good as you make it, believe and realise... its just that simple.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

All very good here my loves...

Thanks for the sweet comments and especailly all the beautiful emails :-)
I really appreciate your thoughts.

Babe is still very comfy!
Me not so much... but all good!
We are off to our birthing class today :-)
So Nath can learn all about what to do LOL.

Couple of things... Bach Flower Remedies in "Impatiens"... adding a few drops to water, helps!
I AM GETTING some books today!
Anything other than my photography manuals which I have been reading in the bath of late LMAO!

Edit: a few additions for the day:This layout I did quickly last night for the current One Little Word Challenge - Balance. I still have a couple do to for catch up, but this is the latest:

Kaela spent the day with my beautiful girlfriend Kim and her family... thanks Kim, Sime and Haz for taking good care of our girl, much appreciated :)Bx They went to KidsCity which is always such a hit!

Ohhhiwwwwww - and we learned quite a bit at the prenatal class, nice to be informed and get a tour of the hospital, to feel more comfortable with the whole process {whatever that may be :)}... OH and Nath MADE ME snort with MUCH laughter... making rude comments about the "birthing" positions - seriously SUCH A BOY. Almost as funny as another Dad suggesting the umbilical cord clamp was infact a nipple clamp so women dont waste the precious liquid. A sense of humour IS very important... just before you snot them one in the shoulder!! :-)

Love and Peace out...
Happy Saturday!