Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Fathers Day...

We had a beautiful day.
Three+ in the bed.
Horse riding.
Friends visiting.
Not much else.

Finally I got this mini-album finished TODAY!
Its a gift for Mikaela from Nath, to give to her in the hospital when our babe arrives.
Something special, go here to take more of a look see!
I *love* getting them involved in the art of scrapping!
Of recording memories and sentiments for our family.
Creating treasures for years to come.
As do they... all I need to do is look at their faces to know that :)



Siany said...

Its amazing!! So beautiful! And I bet she will love having it, especially as she gets older!

Ruben Bike said...

hi... nice blog

Patty S said...

oh, bek, what a TREASURE!!!!!
the pictures are amazing - just everyday life stuff, not posed (those are my favorite kinds of pictures!) and the journaling is beautiful! what an awesome album!nath is one special guy! you have a beautiful family!
patty :-)

Katrin said...

Hi. Found you through my cousin Nicole. I like your blog and good luck with the second baby! K.

ceanandjen said...

So so beautiful, and you are a sentimental one, just like I am. You are both creating and memorializing beautiful memories...and it is so important.

love to you.xoxo

Kirsten Michelle said...

what a beautiful's something that will mean more and more to mikaela the older she gets...
so, so very lovely!!!
ps. thank you for you email...i'll write back very, very soon ;-)

nicole said...

This book is awesome Bek!! Love that they are so involved :)
And just noticed Katrin was over...glad to see she was here to check out your great blog!

Manon Keir said...

Oh what a gorgeous book Bek! I'm sure whe'll treasure it forever!