Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Almost 2 weeks old...

... we are still trying to get into some kind of routine.
In some ways it seems like only yesterday... and other ways it seems ages since Josh was born.

I really have nothing else to blog... except for our little guy, cause that is about 95% of what my days are all about right now *grin*

Couple of events this week:

* Nath went back to work, tho comes home at lunch time every day... and is only 5 mins away.

* Joshua showers with his Dad every morning, its the cutiest thing. We take his change table into the bathroom and its a real team effort.

* Joshua had his first "big bath" with Mum today. Again... total team effort.

* I got my hair done... at the hairdressers! almost a year since I did that! Thanks to Kim for coming to assist me with Josh.

* Kaela had a storyboard to do for home work... to present as show and tell. Of course, she only told us two days prior... when Josh was about 5 days old. So on the morning of the show and tell ... we were all still working on the project. Josh was crying and ready for a feed, Nath was tending to him as I had only 5 mins to go on helping Kaela with her assignment. I called out to Nath "are you okay babes"... just as Josh cried. Mikaela turned to me and said "Mum, Josh needs you" She is such a sweet child.

I am tired.
Josh is darling gorgeous! Except if he is overtired and not settling, then... only gorgeous, not so darling.
Nath is being super supportive.
As is Kim (she makes a great surrogate Mum :-))
Mikaela is being very helpful.

I am itching to scrap - no brain power, time, or energy.
Also really looking forward to being able to walk Kaela to school with Joshua in his pram... a couple of weeks off yet - hopefully the start of Term 4.

Geez - I am way too impatient and tough on myself at times. I just want to be in the routine I envisage my days to be... not to still be in recovery. Mind you... I have had a couple of days where I have over done it and then paid the price later... so I am taking it easy and napping more. Asides, I am getting into trouble from Nath... and I know he is right - I do need to take better care of myself. In just two short weeks I have already made much progress in my recovery, so I am sure in another two... I will be feeling almost fabulous :)

Nath's Mum is visiting for a couple of weeks to meet her Grandson and to help us out.
Cant wait to catch up on all your blogs when I get a chance... dont know when that will be :-)

Love and Peace out...


Manon Keir said...

Hi Bek

Just enjoy your gorgeous family and relax (well try to) for a while!! Your little boy is just so gorgeous.. he looks so much bigger than 2 weeks already!!

Your hair looks fab!!

Sarah said...

Bek, Josh is so so gorgeous :)

And your hair looks great! You're glowing!

Wanda said...

He is so adorable Bek...Look at that hair...I love it. Your's look great too. I'm so excited for you and your sweet family.

Shaz said...

You do still have that glow even with little sleep.
You take to mothering like a duck to water.
He is just adorable and I cant believe how alert he is.
I am just beside myself with joy for you all.
Love you heaps my sweet friend xxxx
Will ring today been waiting but cannot any longer "GrIn"

Mich said...

Congratulations Bek! He is beautiful.


ceanandjen said...

Oh, it sounds like you are doing a fantastic job...and look at your beautiful angel baby! You look absolutely amazing too. So happy for you honey, so happy! xoxoxo

Susannah said...

oh my god, honey, he is gorgeous!!!!! congratulations to you and Nath, and little M too! so great to read all these posts and get the Josh goodness all in one hit ;-) xx

Marjolein said...

These are gorgeous photo's!! Love your hair.... and take it easy, time for yourself will come!