Saturday, September 01, 2007

All very good here my loves...

Thanks for the sweet comments and especailly all the beautiful emails :-)
I really appreciate your thoughts.

Babe is still very comfy!
Me not so much... but all good!
We are off to our birthing class today :-)
So Nath can learn all about what to do LOL.

Couple of things... Bach Flower Remedies in "Impatiens"... adding a few drops to water, helps!
I AM GETTING some books today!
Anything other than my photography manuals which I have been reading in the bath of late LMAO!

Edit: a few additions for the day:This layout I did quickly last night for the current One Little Word Challenge - Balance. I still have a couple do to for catch up, but this is the latest:

Kaela spent the day with my beautiful girlfriend Kim and her family... thanks Kim, Sime and Haz for taking good care of our girl, much appreciated :)Bx They went to KidsCity which is always such a hit!

Ohhhiwwwwww - and we learned quite a bit at the prenatal class, nice to be informed and get a tour of the hospital, to feel more comfortable with the whole process {whatever that may be :)}... OH and Nath MADE ME snort with MUCH laughter... making rude comments about the "birthing" positions - seriously SUCH A BOY. Almost as funny as another Dad suggesting the umbilical cord clamp was infact a nipple clamp so women dont waste the precious liquid. A sense of humour IS very important... just before you snot them one in the shoulder!! :-)

Love and Peace out...
Happy Saturday!


Lusi said...

hello my gorgeous!
love your belly casts! one thing i always wanted to get done and never quite got there with any of the 3 pregancies. good on you! what a precious memory hun!
did you get my msg this week? just checkin no pressure ;)
have fun at birthing class and am thinking of you and Nath and Mikaela so much!
Love lus x

Kirsten Michelle said...

i love this little layout...especially the fabulous photos of your beautiful little girl!!!
my email will come through under you go it! ;-)
happy sunday to you,

Patty S said...

i love how you did the journaling - very clever!!! such cutie patootie pictures, too!
patty :-)

Wanda said...

Oh Bek: It's getting so close. We had a wonderful suprise...I'm a great grandmother. My grandson, 21, and his girlfriend, kept the pregnancy a secret until one week before the baby came!!! We were one suprised family. But what a precious little guy he is, Isaac!
Can't wait for your bundle of joy!

Ronda P. said...

I love the journaling on this. So very cool! And those photos are great!

Sharmaine said...

Love Love Love your take on the OLW challenge. Fantastic.
Hope you have a great week :)

kelly said...

is that your little girl!? if so she looks a lot like my oldest daughter. such a beauty!

ceanandjen said...

he he...a sense of humor is indeed very important, especially when you are in the home stretch! Beautiful scrapping, as gorgeous talent.