Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Skater Girl....

This girl is SO MUCH FUN....she is hilarious....and she CAN SKATE (with a bit of help from Nath)

B x

Monday, January 30, 2006

Teary Gorgeous.....

Nath and I went to Thailand over Christmas and New Years for two weeks whilst Kaela was in Europe with her Dad. No way I was sticking around without her. We had a really great holiday and it was a real treat.

Our New Years was amazing....Teary Gorgeous is how I will always remember the evening...we went to Vertigo 61 floors up [200mtrs] above the city lights of Bangkok in an open air restuarant....a sea of city lights, stars and fireworks for 360degrees. And Me and Nath. Perfect.

B x

Scrapping @ Bek's Place....

Create, Inspire, Design, Giggle....Enjoy :-)

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Me and my scrapping friends :-)

Friday, January 27, 2006

Australia Day-I love impromptu...

We had all these plans to celebrate Australia Day....picnic at the cotter [Kaela and I usually do this] or National Musuem...then fireworks in the evening. Catch up with Carolyn & Jol, Leila and Tully. But it was just way too hot !

Instead we ended up having beers and borittos with Tim and his boys :-) {well the kids didnt have beers}...

Nath & I got crazy in the house, knocked heaps off my 'to do' list ....then I was taking a rest lying on my bed...Lee was outside with Kaela laughing cause she had taken off to the front yard to "help" Tim, Callum and Quin wash his car....so Nath, Lee and I joined in the fun :-) A great day for a water fight....which naturally ensued and not one of us escaped.

And of course....we watched the Aussies win the cricket !!

I love impromptu gatherings.

Ohh oh oh....and its one year since Nath and I first met each other...wicked joy!

Fantastic Franz...

They were really great. The crowd went off. We loved them. I almost had a teary at Nath's huge grin....he was so excited, it was very sweet.
As we drove up to Sydney Bob and Alex were being interviewed by Robbie Buck on Triple J....all added to the much anticipated concert we were about to enjoy :-)
Was good to see my sisters too and we brought Lee back with us to stay for a few days. KEWL !
B x

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ali is coming to Oz....

I dont usually send "fan" mail, but I feel it is important to let people know how inspiring they are and when they have touched your life. So I sent Ali an email. And she responded. She is coming to Australia in August and kindly said:

I would love to meet you!
Now I am sure Ali is that sweet with everyone who emails her...but I am most happy to think I will be meeting the {A} :-) Mmm I wonder if she would do a workshop at Bernadettes shop? {grin}. I have lots of other news and stuff but will have to post that later. Just a bit chuffed about receiving an email from the lovely Ali...had to share.

I am getting one of those "this is going to be a huge year" feeling again....in all the best possible ways :-) {You are today where your thoughts brought you and you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you}


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Meeting the neighbours...

Well I had a huge list of 'things to do' last night....AND I did not do a single one!
We were invited to our neighbour's place for a BBQ instead. Really lovely people and we are glad to have such a friendly neighbour. Tim has two boys...Quin and Callum...and it didnt take long for Mikaela to warm to them [never does really :-) ]
Tim's partner Jen took a look at my latest scrapbook and was most impressed as she had always thought of scrapping as being very nerdy?... until she saw mine.....I guess that is a compliment?

Anyway....I like being a nerd, I am already a partial
computer geek...

And that is fine by me {grin}... So now Jen is thinking she may take scrapping up ?... feels nice to inspire..

We are off to Sydney tonight to see Franz Ferdinand at the Enmore Theatre...Nath is MOST excited as they are his fave band at the moment...and I think they are pretty kewl too - so sure to be a fab nite. Plus I get to catch up with my "blood and blisters" {my beautiful sisters} which I so enjoy....And Lee might come back to Cnb with us for a few days chillin' and hangin' out with us, which would be fabulous...so I hope so!

I got the Creating Keepsakes mag yesterday - but not yet had a chance to read it....have flicked, but thats it so far....maybe on the drive to Sydney?


Monday, January 23, 2006

On Song again.....

Nath and I are getting into the groove of our new home and being with one another 24-7 is turning out to be pretty great. As Nath said "We are on Song"...lovely :-) Especially since we did have a couple of days when things were not aligning so well...tis life!

Yesterday my darling friend Kim came over for some scrapping. I had just mentioned to Kim that we should take a break when Nath got home and came in asking:

You girls need a break?
....he had bought us dips and jatz.......SO CUTE :-) I love this man so much! I also LOVE {big time} scrapping with my girlfriends...sometimes we all talk at once, sometimes we are quiet and reflective...but either way they are GREAT company and I seem to get much more done when we have our scrap days. I think it has something(!) to do with organisation...and inspiration too :-) The plan was to hold monthly scrap days at mine...first Sunday of each month :-) but after yesterday I decided I would like to have them every week....have compromised[:-)] with Nath and have agreed that once a fortnight is doable...yipee!

Kaela is still being very sweet, she has been a bit sick since returning from o/s, bit of a fever. Maybe its the change of climate, or the long trip....but her spirits have not changed, she remains pretty active. I stayed home with her on Friday....try to get her over this thing...we had a nice day together, she slept a fair bit and I so love looking at her sleeping angel face.

Anyways ....looking forward to another challenging week and hope you all have a good one too..
B xx

Thursday, January 19, 2006

My baby is back...

I have been itching to get my blog up and running, so here it is....
A lot of work is required, but I will get there. Yippeeee...

Today is a brilliant day for me...my baby got back from her overseas trip with her Dad last night. [Mikaela is 5, but she will always be my baby :-)]
They had been away for 3 and a half weeks....that is a damn long time and I missed her SO much.

My heart exploded when I saw her! She came bounding out of the door, bolted straight into my arms, wrapped her legs and arms around me, then cupped my face in her hands and told me she wasnt sure she [would remember] knew what I looked like. Oh how my heart then broke just a little at her beauty.

We have fallen in love all over again...
She is full of cuddles and love...and for once not telling me to stop kissing her [Aggghhhh MMMuuum!!!] Its lovely and I hope it lasts for some time yet...

She was also delighted to see Nath and is most happy with our new home. She was asleep before her head hit the pillow.
B x