Friday, January 27, 2006

Australia Day-I love impromptu...

We had all these plans to celebrate Australia Day....picnic at the cotter [Kaela and I usually do this] or National Musuem...then fireworks in the evening. Catch up with Carolyn & Jol, Leila and Tully. But it was just way too hot !

Instead we ended up having beers and borittos with Tim and his boys :-) {well the kids didnt have beers}...

Nath & I got crazy in the house, knocked heaps off my 'to do' list ....then I was taking a rest lying on my bed...Lee was outside with Kaela laughing cause she had taken off to the front yard to "help" Tim, Callum and Quin wash his Nath, Lee and I joined in the fun :-) A great day for a water fight....which naturally ensued and not one of us escaped.

And of course....we watched the Aussies win the cricket !!

I love impromptu gatherings.

Ohh oh oh....and its one year since Nath and I first met each other...wicked joy!

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Paradox said...

Hi! What's a cotter? It's a park huh? What is Australia Day I'm from the U.S. so is it kinda like Independence Day here? Saw the picture of your daughter she is beautiful but I'm biased, I'm also bi-racial and I think we're the most beautiful people in the world. ::smiles broadly::