Friday, October 26, 2007

Her face...

When I ask to take a photo of her!! NICE one Missy Moo!

Tho I forgive her because I am sure I could swim in those eyes of hers.

A couple of Mikaelaisms of late:
1. She tells me I am looking FIT, with conviction. I LIKE that :)
2. When she got an icecream headache recently... she called it "brain disease" instead of brain freeze.
3. I sent her to her room as she was being WAY TOO exciteable and making heaps of noise... to which she replied "yes good because I need some peace and quiet"... ah ooooo K!
4. She told me she doesn't like me to refer to myself as "Mum"... she likes to WRITE Mum because its easier :), but she likes to SAY "Mummy" oooiwwww!
5. She refers to herself as "sissie" when talking to Joshua.
6. She has not lost her love for playing with snails... it's been raining the last two days... snails galore to her delight. LOL.

She wrote me this note a few weeks ago:

I love you Mum. You are the goodest girl in the family we want you to be but are best. You will be the good mum. I love Josh and Nathan. We will look after you. We love being in our family. You are the best Mum and maybe Nathan thinks you are the best girlfriend.
CUTE AS... she is such a delight.

Or "oh how delicious" to use the phrase of Mrs Henderson (Judi Dench), from the movie of the same name which Nath and I enjoyed last night.

Happy Friday's beautiful souls...
ENJOY your weekends.
Kiss Hug


Patty S said...

she is such a cutie!!!!
i did a major LOL with the 'brain disease' comment - too silly ;-)
good stuff here - keep it in your mommy files!
hugs, patty :-)

Marjolein said...

What a very very cute photo Beck!! Love it!! Love all the things she says too...specialle the "brain disease" LOLOL
And that note..... weren't you melting??

Shaz said...

Shes such a sweetie just makes me miss you all lots. Tears now being such a sookie girl Blahhh
Love You xxxx

ceanandjen said...

She is so beautiful inside and full of soul and love. It must come from her Mummy. xoxox