Friday, November 16, 2007

Movies and Love...

We went to see this movie last night as I got free tickets and Kim (GodMother Extraordinaire) babysat for us.
September, I really recommend this movie... it is so beautiful, the cinematography, the relationships, the heart and soul of the movie struck me and I loved it. Spectacular!

I want to say a HUGE BIG heartfelt congratulations to an amazing person I know, she is family I have chosen in this life... the aforementioned GodMother Kim began her teaching career yesterday, or a new chapter of it *smile*. Kim worked her first day as a teacher’s aid at Turner Primary, specifically she worked with the special needs children... and from what she tells me - it was challenging and rewarding. I think she was AMAZING - our children, our education system can only but benefit tremendously and strive with Kim as their teacher. She makes such a positive impact in children’s (and adults) lives. She is mother earth. Kim will touch many in her life and even more now in teaching career. I have always respected and admired Kim’s ability to connect with Mikaela (and her love for Joshua is grand scale HUGE). Kim does what many don’t bother to do, she intentionally takes (and makes) time for OTHER peoples children as well as her own. Not many people do that, not many people even consider it… and that is why I she is my family, even my sisters consider her family according to their FaceBook profiles *grin*. Kim is a unique and gifted healer, nurturer, listener and teacher… that is for sure. Good luck my dear friend, tho I know you won’t need it :) I am SO SUPER PROUD of **You** my shinning star friend!! I love you much!

My thoughts are also with another darling friend of mine Jodes... who is in South Australia for her Grandfathers funeral. Its a very sad time for her and I know he meant the world to her. My thoughts, prayers and love are with you during this time Jodes xoxox

Love out...


ceanandjen said...

A big warm congratulations to your beautiful and amazing friend Kim! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gorgeous :)
It helps soooo much that I have my "other family"(my wonderful girlfriends) here to support me in Canberra.

Jodes said...

Still not quite with it :)
The last comment was from me!