Friday, November 23, 2007

Slightly stoked about...

... being able to finally share some exciting news with you :)
The reason I have not been posting much of my scrapping stuff of late is because... most of it is awaiting publication in a few magazines(squeal) or is being done for design teams.

Exquisite Scrapping have given me the wonderful opportunity as a permanent design team member. I cant wait to work with Jo and the team :-)

I also have two guest DT postions: one with Keep'the Memories (which may lead to a permanet position) and another with Scrappers Warehouse.
Go to Aussie Pub Calls to find out all the latest with the Australian scrapping industry. This site has links to all sorts of competitions, design team calls (including digital) and also the major magazine submission requests. Go for it girls!! It took me seven YEARS to finally get the courage to do so myself and within 3 months of my first application... well lets just say 2008 is gonna be a busy one LOL!

I leave you with this poem which I have written on the inside of my treasure chest (scrapbooking supplies cupboard LOL)...

Off to do the ironing and watch Flash Dance. Whoot woooo!

Life is really good.


Patty S said...

yea for you!
( i love that poem too! )
hugs, patty :-)

Kirsten Michelle said...

this is one of my favourite poems ;-)
congratulations on all the goodness happening around your brilliant and inspiring scrapping!!!

Sharmaine said...

I saw your name in all those places and thought OH MY GOODNESS YAY BEK!!! How awesome!! great opportunities AND MAG SUBMISSIONS AS WELL!!! YAY!!
Yes I am still waiting in the wings, building up the courage to step off the edge and see what happens :)
GO BEK, I yell :)
All the very best in all these new adventures :)

tanya said...

CONGRATULATIONS - how exciting!! Such great news.

Hey, I hope you'll be in Canberra for Christmas - I'll be down there for a couple of weeks. I'll give you a call - soon, I promise.

Lus :) said...

You KNOW how ecstatic I am for you right?
LOVE it!
Lus x

G.T.M. said...

sooooooo proud of you my love!!
and thankful that your bravery and courage to pursue dreams rubs off on those around you ... thanks for all the good vibes buzzin' around;)

Jodes said...

So glad you can finally talk about it!

YEAH to YOU for making it ALL (and I mean ALL OF IT) happen.

I'm so pleased for you, and proud of you babe

dreamergirl said...

congratulations!!! that's just so cool =)

I love the poem, it's going in my journal and it's scary how perfect your timing to me is for sharing this poem now :)

Turner Family said...

Bek - I am so so so happy for you. You will be a busy little girl this year.

Lee said...

Yah! My sister the published... Great work Bek - really proud of all that you have achieved, your forever inspiring me.. xxxx