Friday, February 09, 2007

Shimelle's Challenge...

Shimelle's "I have to confess" mini album was so much fun!
*I* of course could only think of two things... my dear darling helpful guy had to give me most of them. Bhahahaha

My confessions are:

  1. I can NOT keep a secret... you know the GOOD ones about *ME* or my family. I just can not keep my mouth closed!!
  2. I hate cleaning the fridge... say no more!
  3. My studio is always MESSY... usually always, very ocassionally it is SPOTLESS, for a whole two seconds a month.
  4. I am a spend thrift... well ~ I am after all ~ an artist *grin*
  5. I am NOT a morning person... really I *love* staying up late.

I loved doing this album, tho it did take some time.

Enjoy your weekend lovelies... Nath and I are off to Adelaide to see his parents and go to a party....



Lee said...

I love your hair with your fringe (in the black and white picture...) also did you pose that for that picture in bed, your looking kinda princessy - he he!

I know a secret... xxx

Ruth said...

Wow your confessions album is very cool. I can identify with all your confessions oops! lol. Love your ephemera card too

la vie en rose said...

this is fantastic! bravo!

Gigi said...

so much fun! love all of the ribbons you tied on the front & your photos are amazing...wonderful confessional!!

ceanandjen said...

Have a wonderful weekend. Your mini book is fabulous! I too spend too much and am soooo not a morning person!

sending love and sorry I have been so absent lately!


lusi said...

Love your mini book girl (i hate cleaning my fridge too) why did I bracket that? NO shame now that you've shared it - I HATE CLEANING MY FRIDGE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love your art girl free and joyful.
Love the last card too for em's challenge...just off to work on mine.
Lus x

Latharia said...

Oh, how wonderfully fresh & fun!

Sarah said...

Love this, Bek :-)

Di said...

Hmmmm... so much like me, except the spend thriftiness! Love the little album, very funky. Love the glitter letters on the front.

Shaz said...

Sweetness SECRETS Mmmmmmmmm
Hope you had a wonderful weekend, wink. I hope everyone s excited and happy (I am) hugs and kisses Honey xxxx

Colorsonmymind said...

This is so beautiful-and fun-wow

RobynL said...

wonderful- love your take on the book!

Anonymous said...

Very well done!
You know what? I hate cleaning the fridge!
Have a great day!