Sunday, May 13, 2007

What have I done?????...

WARNING: the following post is heartbreaking for those attached to Mikaela's hair!!!!!!! i.e. ME!!!!!



Okay, so my dear little sister offered to take Mikaela to the African hairdresser on Friday. Plan was to get corn rows or plaits with extenstions (acrylic hair weaved into her own) Usually she is a horror. When I do her hair, or take her, there are tears, A LOT of tears and begging and pleading. I get it. It DOES hurt (I had mine done some years ago, its very painful... kinda like having your legs or bikini waxed for 16hours.. yeah!)

So anyways... we thought that with Katie taking Kaela... she may be better behaved. NOPE! We thought wrong. Juliet (hairdresser) managed to get 8 braids done before Mikaela started swinging. Katie decided to call it quits then !!

Later that night after an episode of Gilmore girls... I tried to straighten it and get some more done. Mikaela would have none of that. And some of her hair had dreadlocks. I like dreadlocks, but I dont want her to have them at age 6. She can decide herself when she is older. Asides if she hated them in a couple of years... we'd be at this stage we are at now... then! If you know what I mean.

So I CUT IT ALL OFF !! Yep I did!!!

Initially Mikaela was crying, a LOT... "No Mama Nooo" I had threatened to cut her hair before (oh about a thousand times) I guess neither of us ever thought I would follow through.

Thankfully Mikaela loves her new "do" and I think that has a great deal to do with her ability to comb and brush it right the way through. Once the shock wore off a bit, I think she DOES look rather funky... and a bit older, that makes me a bit sad too.

Now Mikaela now has a MUCH better appreciation and understanding that her hair IS *her* responsibility!!! Hence she is brushing it constantly!

You should see the HUGE bag of hair left over.... HUGE!!

Funny - I am not at all attached to my own hair... I have shaved my head three times, change my hairstyle often and have no problems with cutting it down to 2cm at any whim.... but Mikaela's hair is entirely different and I *do have* a bit of an attachment to her locks... so much more than my own.

I am still a bit sad when I look at the before photos, but it had to be done!



Jamillah said...

There is a product in the states that would do get things with your daughter's hair. It makes the texture of your hair softer and make it manageable. It is by Lustersilk. I can't find the name of it. I will email you when I do.

Shaz said...


She Looks Beautiful. I cant believe you did (although I understand why ;) You know what I am like with hair mine and my girls so I think you are very brave and tell her I love love it.


Wanda said...

Mikaela is beautiful with her new fact, she would still be darling if her head was shaved...(don't let her read this)
She's just adorable ~*~*~*
Hope you had a good Mother's Day!-

Moo said...

WOW how much older does she look!?!? Still bloody gorgeous though. That's funny you shaving your head, I have done it half a dozen times myself. I used to try and dye it blond too but it always ended up orange and I looked like Bart Simpson!

ceanandjen said...

Honey, I understand. My parents just took Ayden to get an actual "big boy" haircut, and I am STILL not doing well with it over a week later. M is gorgeous though, and her new do is fun and funky. She looks adorable.


Goddess of Leonie said...

kaela is gorgeous no matter what :)

Anonymous said...

I was totally like her before I shaved my head...attached to my hair, practically cried any time I had to get it trimmed. But now I am actually starting to -like- having shorter hair. I've gotten cornrows before, and I can't imagine sitting through that at six years old...she is a brave girl. She looks so adorable with the new 'do...and that impish grin! ;)