Sunday, April 22, 2007

Flex #7, 4 truths and 1 lie...

When I saw Patty's challenge this week (okay last week - actually the week BEFORE that!!) I LOVED it and couldnt wait to do it.

Now it is SOOOOOO late, I just have not had TIME lately. Nath and I came up with the statements on our drive to Sydney over Easter, and I sketched the layout then too (pretty much similar to Patty's)... it just took me ages to get the photos printed (get to the shop)... ahhhh...

All done now and here is the result:
Here are the statements:
1. I have shaved my head three times.
2. I have been awarded a silver medal for International Dragon Boating.
3. I studied dress making & garment production @ Tafe for 3 years.
4. I have been bungy jumping twice.
5. As a child I went to more than 3 (three) different primary schools.

So can you guess, or do you know the lie?? Comment your answer and the first correct response will get a PRIZE... a mystery prize. Life is just so exciting isnt it?!

Love and Blessings...


Shaz said...

You hve not been bungy jumping EVA yay yay yay its me its me its me


Shaz said...

Dragon boating??? LmaO
I am ringing.

kimmy said...

i know its number 4. wish I wasn't so flat out all weekend

mich said...

Bungy baby

Patty S said...

love your layout! (wasn't this a fun one to do?!)
i'm only getting to know you, so i'm really just making a random guess.....#4 is the lie? can't wait to find out! patty :-)