Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter dudes...

Enjoy, have fun and take good care of each other.
If you are travelling, be safe!

We are off to Sydney, a 3 hour drive to catch up with my one of my lifer gal pals, Naomi... and her son Jordan {Mikaela affectionately calls him her step-brother} CUTE AS!

Sunday we are off to the Sydney Royal Easter Show... another first for all three of us, Nath, Mikaela and I have never been before.

So many firsts this year *grin*

My sisters are coming here for some R&R... a city swap.
Enjoy the chocolate, the spiritual significance and the family peeps.

I leave you with this photo of Mikaela... I love how she is showing her new tooth coming up, crooked *grin* and that FRO, sweet as.

Love out...


Angela Marie said...

She is Beautiful!!!!!

Have fun this weekend!

la vie en rose said...

she is so adorable!

happy easter!

Patty S said...

hi bek!
hope you have a nice easter!
she's such a cutie, dontcha love the 'new tooth smiles' ?! gotta grin and show 'em off! :-)

Gigi said...

omg....she is GORGEOUS!!!

PLEEEEAAAASSSEEE tell me that you have enlarged this photo & have it hanging in a special spot in your home!!!

ceanandjen said...

Happy belated..I hope that you all had a wonderful time...and M's Fro rocks!!! She is just beautiful.