Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My baby has whiplash...

... FROM swinging on the swing too high, go figure! Poor little thing, she has been walking around with her neck crinked to one side for two days now. She is on pain killers, which is helping her cope. Tomorrow afternoon she has an appointment with the Physiotherapist for some ultrasound therapy, soooooo looking forward to that! Isnt it funny how much braver than adults children are? At the Doctors surgery, he was poking and proding about... Mikaela had a grimmace on her face, but not much more, she was kind of holding her breath and I could tell she was in extreme pain. If it were an adult... they would have yelped and got of the table quick smart!!

Even tho Miss Mikaela is not 100%, she is an artist... and did manage to get this "little" painting done today. Its about 1 x 1.5mtrs. Cute as.
While my artist was busy painting away... I got busy on one of my "things to do" items that has been pending for SOME time now. Sorting through my layouts.
I was able to photograph about 170 layouts, which means I am about half way through! Maybe tomorrow I will get the other half done. Ha!!!
Another thing to make me happy today... my darling gal pal Kylie is in Mildura and got me some of these!! Loving them. Loving her. Can NOT wait to scrap with them!

Peace and Love out...


Shaz said...

Hearing your voice and seeing that pic of you today made me cry.
You are so gorgeous and that little angel sleeping inside that beautiful belly of yours makes my heart skip a beat.
I do wuv you my friend.

PS. and holy shit you werent kidding about a LOT of lay outs.
LMAO xxx

ceanandjen said...

Sending your beautiful M BIG healing. Poor baby...good grief! You are right, children are braver and more resiliant than we adults are.

Look at all of those layouts girl! Wow...and WOW!!

Sending lots of love.

Wanda said...


So sorry for your darling is hurting.

But the picture..it's awesome. I love the sunshine and shadows....I want to watercolor her! She's so lovely in the sunlight. It would be a great painting!