Thursday, August 24, 2006

Introducing *Jodie*...

One of my hottie besties.
She is hot.
She is a bestie.
She is a wonderful, beautiful and inspiring woman.
Who I love much.
We have over a decade of friendship.
We have weathered BIG storms.
There have been times I worried... we would not recover from a rift.
But my Soul Whispers told me otherwise.
And I knew them to be true.
This girl.... she is a *lifer*
The best kind.
My kind.
I love you girl.

Today I am wearing some jewellery she made me and I feel like a princess. So I am taking my princess self down to doing reading for Mikaela and her class mates.

I LOVE having Thursdays off *work*... no demands. YEAH RIGHT!!! I only have about 87 things on my "To do list" this morning itself.
Bahahahaha - Fuuunnneee!
Peace and Love peeps.


b/sistersshoes said...

Mmmmm beautiful jewelry making friends...some of the best kind ever!


Bek said...

Indeed they are sweets.
Just like your fine self *grin*

poet said...

just began reading you. what a great post for your friend. in this lifetime we are blessed with a few 'lifers'. love them and cherish them each day they share your life. poet

Bek said...

Thank you poet. I agree. Totally.
I cherish this woman in my life. Very much. She knows how appreciated she is by me. Every single day. We are true kindred spirits and being her friend makes me a better person.
And have some bloody good laughs at times too.

Jodes said...

Oh babe, how confronting to find my face "out there" :)
Can't help but think a picture of the jewellery would have been better.
Love you too!

Bek said...

Jodes... teheheheh.
I told you I wont remove it *smile*
But I will if you really want me to.
You ARE a hottie and its a beautiful photo.
I can post of the jewellery TOO.
Gotta run... and play touch footy.