Friday, August 11, 2006

My little Monkey...

She seriously rocks my world.
And Nath's too.
We just cant get enough of her....
She totally cracks us up.

This is She teasing Nath as he plays "brandings" with her...
I am SO glad he taught her THAT game (dripping with sarcasim there)..
Really its okay... they are gentle and have a fun time... and asides... teaches her some co-ordination (and lord knows she doesnt want my lack there of). And makes me laugh too.

I am likely to post again this arvo with some other snaps... got a couple of gorgeous ones of my girl in her ballet gear yest.
And She and He hugging.
ANd our new dinning table... my love surprised me with. Well not the whole thing. We had been looking... but I thought we were just LOOKING. Not actually buying. I think Nath has caught some of my shopping genes. Oiw... kewl.

Mmmmm what else?
Going for another mountain bike ride 2morrow.
KAELA totally LOVES Leonies painting.. tho, they are "princesses" NOT angels... Humpf. Yeah, yeah!
Practically finished my painting.. which is good cause it is cluttering my scrap space.. and I need to clear it to GET SORTED for KIWI scraps... yes it is finally almost upon us. This time next week I will be doing Ali and Cathy classes. Totally thrilled. Lost a bit of enthusiasm since I am not at all across all of ALI's homework.. but I will be. So its all good.
Nath played BasketBall last week as a fill in for Kylies team.. and is doing so again tomorrow arvo. JOY.
And Mikaela has decided she wants to be a Pro BasketBall player when she grows up. How very cute. She will certainly have height as an advantage.

Anywhoo... so much happening decided to skip "Mall Rat" experience for tonight.
Just want to hang and relax with my fam.
Peace and Love to all.


b/sistersshoes said...

'She' is such a doll...truly...I bet if I squeezed her tummy she would say, "Ma Ma" :)

Give the 'Princess' a kiss from me and one for you as well :)

xxx d

Bek said...

Dar... she doesnt do that one... but when I tell her "I love you so much Mikaela"... she responds "I love you more than that"...
She melts my heart all the time.
And a big hug and kiss to you too angel.