Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Two more sleeps peeps.....

***RANT WARNING..... *grin*

It is only two more sleeps...
Until I am doing THREE Ali Edwards classes.
THREE ! Oh my.
AND I am even almost ready!

You know that woman {who does so many things all at once, who is kinda like a superhero}.
Oh okay she IS a superhero.
We are all SuperHero's....
But some do it better than others.
And Ali is one-a-them.

Anywhooooo.... she sets homework for her classes.
Yep she does.
And its not... do in five mins type homework.... it takes TIME.
Bloody hell I says.
And it wouldnt be so bad... if she didnt change said homework along the way.
AND would be EVEN better if not ALL the photographs required for her projects are Landscape/Horizontal....
Think about this.... for just one second peeps...
How are MOST of your BEST photos orientated....
YES... YES >>> YES..... Portrait... Vertical !!
Rest my case.

So I am STILL really excited to be doing her classes and meeting her.
Probably get some photos... you know, probably!

Anyways lucky for me.... I am also doing TWO of Cathy's classes.
And if you check out her PodCast here.... I think you can tell/hear... we are in for a rockin' time.
Plus... Cathy loves Emily and Tara.
Says it all really.

So there you go.
Two more sleeps... and I will be in scrapping heaven.

Oh... and please DO NOT let my rant about Ali's homework... suggest in ANY way that it has anything to do with panic, or lack of preparation, or anything at all along those lines.
Nah- uh.... I like my chaotic artistic way.
I like to work under pressure...
Its me.
I ROCK (like SuperNova.. oh yeah Nath and I LOVE that show, its our latest fave).
Now.... just wait until Ali and Cathy meet ME.
I AM a nutter.

Oh dear... when I get excited.... I tend to rant, and digress alot!! and embarass myself (and my dear friends)...
I just get a bit N.U.T.T.Y with excitement.

Peace and love and a little self deluded greatness {for what exactly... I have NO idea} for all.


b/sistersshoes said...

I L.O.V.E. you!!!!

AND...you will be showing us some of your work....right???

yes...you will...can't wait to see it!

I did it bek....I cut off my hair, my pixie wearing friend...we're almost twins ( :) & :) )

love ya xxx dar

Bek said...

Oiw MY GOD (She is PROUD).
I am jumping up and down in my seat.
I am stoked.
And if I had your number I would ring you RIGHT THIS SECOND>
I cut my hair again SHORTER yesterday and intended to post today about the shortness of it.

b/sistersshoes said...

Missing you love :)

xxx d