Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Goods...

Here is a sneak peek at the items I created at Kiwi Scraps {if you are Aussie and have not been to one of their events.. get on their mailing list * you ARE missing out*} ... and my girlie weekend doing Ali and Cathy classes. SUCH JOY.

I cant believe that in two days I produced all this stuff.... and I LOVE them... I have always been a 12x12 scrapper... none of them little albums.

And I met this kewl chicky in Ali's first class... actually according to the evidence on my camera I met her in the bar the night before. NO WONDER she was being so nice to me.... she helped make my journal blocks, cut them and stamped them and all. Such a sweetheart. Check out her take on the weekend here and here.

And another high energy womyn... I did not actually meet {as such}... her account is here .

I think I have been converted. But not entirely... I will NEVER give up my 12x12s. Ever. Now I just have more to do. Ah yeah, okay?

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Carolyne Hallum said...

Bek it was so nice to meet you and hang with you in class. love the photo's - the person who took the photo of you and cathy rocks-ha! have fun.......