Monday, June 05, 2006

Luminous Leoni...

So I went to HER Gallery exhibition yesterday... and it was GORGEOUS.
SHE was Gorgeous.
And her man {Chris} is so sweet and proud.
It was just lovely.
A nice drive just outta the 'burbs... and over a single car suspension bridge...
I got teary as I drove up to the gallery.
I sensed (correctly, d'uh) that the car in front of mine ... with three women, two younger... were also going to see Leoni's creations.
I felt she was uniting people with her art.
I felt Deni sending her love to Leoni.
It was beautiful.
And so was she.
I was so excited to meet her...
My first blogger friend I have met in 'real life'... a sister...
And a wise one ~ JOY IS TOTALLY A CHOICE ~ totally.
Leoni made a terrific speech and I was so impressed by this young Goddess before me, well beyond her years.
I so want to get one of her pieces for Kaela's bedroom, to inspire the Goddess within my child.
Peace and Love.

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