Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Emotional Freedom Technique....

I mentioned some time ago that my friend Vanessa is becoming a life coach... and that she was coaching me.
The name of her practice is Love2Live, such a great name.
When the webpage is happenin', I will definately link you.

Anyways V coaching me didnt work out.
A valuable lesson learnt for us both.
We are too close as friends to mix in that kind of dynamic.

But we are still doing that kinda work.
And part of that journey is the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT - wikipedia).
We are attending a workshop at the coast next month.
~I am really looking forward to it~.

And I met a friend of Leoni's on Sunday... Michelle, we talked for a good half hour - and guess what?
Yes - she is going too.
And Leoni's womens circle also practices EFT.

Be brave... listen to that whisper of your soul.
Follow it.
Believe it.
Know it to be true.

I was supposed to go with a friend to Leoni's exhibition... but she didnt feel well.
I could have not gone.
I could have had an inability to go alone.
I could have stayed at home.
So not me... but I was nervous... a little.

But I knew I had to go..... my soul was not just whispering this to me... it was Roaring.
I was excited... and actually ~I really needed to go alone~
This is my journey... my life.
And it is exciting and challenging.
Sometimes difficult, mostly beautiful.

The photo above of Mikaela hitting me with a bamboo stick... perhaps a five year olds very own EFT? She is mucking about while we try to take some nice {sit still} photos.... she makes me laugh, so much. Pretty much all the time. Laugh or yell....Its all good. And I really like this photo... a moment captured of us mucking about... as we do *grin*
Peace Out....


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