Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Reflective days....

I seem to have a bit of a theme going on at the moment. So I am going to run with it. Let me elaborate. We know that the most important thing in life is love of the self. If you have that. You have everything. Self acceptance does not mean attaining perfection. We are not perfect.

When your life is just as you always dreamed it would be...and you are happy within. Happy with your life and who you are. And not just a temporary happiness... but a real calm, content and peaceful feeling deep in your soul. Your life is just as you want it to be. And you love yourself and are making decisions accordingly.

Guess what - you are STILL gonna have a bad day every now and again.

There are two kinda bad days.....

  1. One you have control of - you realise you made some bad decisions. Perhaps not for the first time....
  2. The other you can not control - a death or something along those lines - this is not something you decided.

You CAN however decide how to react to the situation, regardless of which type or circumstance lead to the "bad day" or "blue mood"....

Honour yourself by going through the process and feeling the gamut of emotions... dont just push them aside, or bury them deep down.
Most importantly... be honest with yourself.
Peace and Love


Amy said...

You're so right about being self-full and I often forget when my imperfections are glaring. Thanks for the reminder, lovely you!

Bek said...

But if you were your own lover - would you not find such
"imperfections" endearing? *you are laughing.. yeah?!*

You remind me of self love.
I am just not quite the wordsmith you are... your words are pure poetry.