Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Its the little things....

like this evidence that he has been talking with me while I have been scrapping.

Those ribbons would have been all over the floor and my draft table.
I could have been stepping on them.
If I did happen to notice.. I would have just left 'em there. Until clean up time - and that could be hours, days, or even weeks away.
{You can just close the door you know *grin*}

But on one of the numerous times that Nath comes in to chat with me.
He would have bent down and picked them up... one at a time.
He would have wrapped it into a ball.
And placed them here next to each other.
All in a row.

And THAT is just one other very teeny tiny reason that I love this man.
With all my heart and soul...
G R A T E F U L !!!

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