Monday, June 19, 2006

Seriously folks...

I dunno... I mean I love positive affirmations. My resolve to grow and be grateful everyday. But you know what... that is not actually possible. Nah, ah! And my nearest and dearest who read this must sometimes think... "what did she smoke today?" Because I am no "Guru"... I have no answers as such. Surprised aren’t you!

Don’t get me wrong... I am not saying "throw your arms in the air... forget about trying to be a better person... each and every day". I'm just saying... it is okay to have a “bad day” every now and again. That is a part of "Just Being"... no?

Balance... mmm especially for the creative is an illusive state to achieve. And I am not sure I even want to UNLESS balance = acceptance. Self acceptance. Including the yucky and hard bits... because you know what - its part of me. And me as a whole package... well I am pretty fine I think!! In all my varied moods that make up who I am ... that enable me to offer so much as a partner, a mother and friend... there are times when I drive them (and myself) a little nutty. Yep I do. And that is the beauty of life... of living.

But BALANCE - if that means… being so "balanced" that you had the same cheerful reaction no matter what someone says to you... "I just found your cat run over"... Response: “Oh that is fantastic, really great *grin, grin*”

Life is not "balanced"... the experiences thrown our way... are not even keeled.

That is the beauty of life, no? And surely you have figured out a few things, no?

A few things that triggered this rant:

  1. An entry in my 2004 diary about sculpting.. which I am now enrolled in and begin next term... sometimes we progress s l o w l y - and that is okay.
  2. My sweet friend... Expecting herself to always be strong and "get over it". Such a darling heart!
  3. Her super busy and "crazy" life making perfect sense... totally cracks me up.
  4. Her raw and honest blogging. Totally REAL. I love these gorgeous, strong, brave and honest women who can express themselves so poetically!! Amazing.
  5. Her blogging style, sometimes I actually feel I have ADHD just reading it... very kewl and fun.
Life is a rollercoaster... you gotta ride it.
Peace and Love within .... then everything else just falls into place.
No matter what happens you have your rock.


Amy said...

You are so sweet! Kiss*Kiss!

I love that your post titles are pink. I didn't know that we could change the color! I'm on my way to do just that right now...

Bek said...

Thanks Amy... I think there is something in the stars at the moment.
Change colours by mucking about in the template html. Enjoy!