Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My public holiday Monday....

Involved the best kinda ME time:

I went to the national gallery of australia.... nga.
I parked the car in the underground car park.
I reapplied my lip gloss.
I put my crumpler and camera over my shoulder.
I headed out to the sculpture garden.
The Carillon was playing... welcoming me.
The sun was shinning.... warming me.
And I felt grateful.
And peaceful and calm.
I took some photos.
I sat on the edge of the lake.
I watched the sun glimmering over the water.
I watched people walking by.
I smiled.
I felt happy and content.
I wandered through the garden.
I took more photos.
I watched some birds playing, splashing... darting about.
I took more photos.
I was mesmerised staring at beautiful sculptures.
And his work.
I sat, I crouched, I stood... and took more photos.
I breathed slowly and deeply.
I sighed, big heavy sighs... contented sighs.
I took more photos.
I went to the misty garden.
The garden where fairies live...
I eavesdropped on children speaking to their parents...
"It's so special"
"It's misty and floaty"
I continued to smile.
I sat.
I relaxed.
I meditated.
I felt grateful.
And blessed.
To Be ME.

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