Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Leoni has posted about her exhibition. Beautiful. Accurate. True. Gorgeous.
And I am SO humbled by her mention of me... I feel SO special to receive such a gorgeous comment from such a Goddess.

There are so many exciting and peaceful happenings for me of late. Even the big scary stuff... it just is. I am amazed at the elegant simplicity of my gliding through my days at the moment. Pure grace... It is wonderful.
I am reaching so many gorgeous souls in my recent days and weeks. And they are reaching out to me... and that is so sweet.

Are you a person who often reaches out?
Or are you someone who expects to be reached out to?

Or are you balanced...?
I am definitely becoming more balanced with these amazing souls I am connected with... The mutal giving and receiving. Some are new and some are old… and a rejuvenation of our love for each other is occurring. It is so special… pure simplicity.

It is so sweet to get a thoughtful email. A note that lets you know someone is thinking of you…
but if you are the one to always send those…
or the one to always receive those…
That is not balance. That is not fair, respectful or loving. There needs to be equal give and take.
So… I am going to spend less time reaching out to people who are incapable of doing the same.
Give them space... perhaps one day they will be able to meet me in the same space.
For now I am going to spend more time just being.
Just Be Me.
And enjoy, celebrate and nurture the mutual reaching and giving I have going on in my life today.
I am so grateful for these brave, amazing, self-aware, true souls I have been blessed to have as my friends.

BTW... No ~I am not pregnant *grin*~

{Edit: Actually it is impossible for me NOT to reach out to people, it is just me.... it is who I am... a part of me and I accept it gratefully. It is my gift... when in balance *grin* and in direct balance to the good energies I receive in return}
Love, Joy and Peace…


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