Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Something to consider....

You're not an isolated island. You're a piece of the planet, a piece of the universe. Personal relationships are the fertile soil from which all advancement,all success, all achievement in real life grows. THE DAILY GURU

I feel best when all my relationships are going well, aligned... feeling good and right... and if they are not I will do whatever I can to make them so.

And those I can not make better... well I am learning it is okay to let them go. If they come back, well and good and if not - same really - I have more energy to put into the things that are worthwhile.

JOY breeds JOY... and the same about MISERY too. Gotta be careful about that one. Tho sometimes we need to do that also... company is vital at times of heartache and healing.

Lately I have been connecting with some amazing true souls... and I feel so good for it. I feel JOY about these friendships. Whatever the mood.

And the JOY expressed in Tara, Em's and Cathy's posts bring GOOD GOOD tears to my eyes! Me and my girls are kinda like that about scrapping (when everyone is in a bloody decent mood).... just without the fame and freebies - D'Oh. I love my girlfriends... I love to share the scrapping and photography joy with them.

It is all about the peeps. This life of ours.
Peace and Love


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