Monday, June 05, 2006

BEing a Neglectaramo....

I was busy trying to load photos and add a post on Saturday night....
ABOUT how trully GRATEFUL I am for my life {and my love}....
Nath kept coming in to hurry me up.
I'd respond "I'll be there in a minute"... "It's the computer - it's so slow (it was being unusually slow)"
Finally I finished about 35-40 mins later.... to find my dear neglected love sitting sulking (and a little cranky) on the couch.

When I walked into the bathroom to see our beautiful claw footed bath full of steamy water, the room full with gorgeous lit candles... and soft sweet music playing..... WELL didnt I feel like a jerk!!

And rightly so.
Sorry babes...
Next time... I promise I'll click on the "Save as Draft" button.
And live and enjoy the moment... the sweetest moments you give me.
Thankfully Nath accepts an apology and moves on quickly.
But sometimes guys are too subtle... I certainly would NOT have been so subtle if Nath were on the computer... that is for sure!!
Thanks ~I love you~ you are the best.

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