Friday, June 16, 2006

My kooky hidden hippy....

Is being unleashed. Or perhaps it is that I am just: Being Me. Loving Me. Accepting Me. I am focusing on eliminating the unnecessary from my life. Such as negative energies, experiences, behaviours... situations. To let go of things that do not make me happy, or serve me and my family. Things that do not serve the life I have created and want to continue nurturing.
To squash the critical inner voice ~ it is SO not required. Or at least I am trying.... some days ARE tough. Growing comes with a certain amount of growing pains, however I am keeping in mind that the pain should not outway the growth. To be CONSCIOUS of what I am DOING... how I am behaving...

I feel I am growing spiritually with an intensity at times is a bit scary. But a good scary. And the more I honour myself and my journey... the more I am attracting likeminded souls and the tools to assist me.

The following quotes from Daily Guru really resonated with me this week that I think you will like too:

Getting down to essentials
"Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials." -- Lin Yutang

Do you feel a desire to simplify your life?
If you say ‘yes,’ then set an intention to reduce the demands, stimuli, interruptions and busyness in your life. We each have the power to do this – we simply have to begin to say ‘no’ to those activities that don’t directly serve what we want for our lives.

Everyone of this planet deserves to have some free time to think, relax and have fun. If you long for this, begin now to clear your plate and allow a new level of experience to happen in your life. Take charge. Eliminate time wasters. Make some decisions about what matters to you.

"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak." -- Hans Hofmann

Imprisoned By Your Thoughts?
"Problems exist only in the human mind." -- Anthony de Mello
For most of us, there’s always a long ‘to do’ list. That’s a fact. And it’s easy to feel victimized. ‘Poor me!’ That’s not a fact – that’s a choice. Experiment with your life to explore how much your mind is your jailer. Simply let go of the ‘oh woe’ kinds of thoughts. Silence your mind. Be right here, right now. Decide what you will do now and do it, without buying in to the mind’s sob story. When one task is done, you can then choose another. Allowing the mind to agonize about the size of the ‘to do’ list just makes us tired before we even get started. It doesn’t have to be this way.

"Don't water your weeds." -- Harvey Mackay

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And enjoy.
Peace and love.
Contentment within.


poh-e said...

Hi, came through your blog and read for some moment and I love the way u potray urself in life.

Your blog reader,
Poh-e =]

Bek said...

Poh-e... thank you. I love my blogger world. And have met and been exposed to some amazing souls.
Have a beautiful day.