Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Scrapping JOY...

I SO love being able to go home for lunch....
Hang with my guy, or just have some space to myself.
And I luuuurrrvvvvveee getting scrapping supplies half way through my "real work" day !!
But I gotta say - I PARTICULARLY LOVE today..... take a look at what arrived in the mail.
Makes it real now.
I can not wait.

As far as scrapping goes... this is the MOST exciting thing to happen for me and my besties in ages, if ever !...{well it is} !

Ali and Cathy are coming to Australia in August and we are Sydney for the weekend.

We are just so lucky we even knew about it.
If it were not for my blogging, we wouldnt know.

Like when Becky came in 2004, or Heidi in 2005 - we didnt know until afterwards.

But this time we knew... and we were able to register pretty much as soon as tickets went on sale in March. And they went pretty quick. There was a little panic involved.

Yah for blogging {grin}.
Again... my blogging world helping me to realise my dreams and passions.
And another reason to be grateful and another sign that I am on the right path… for me.

So it wont be long now and we will have a couple of nights away from the demands of "Mama...Mama" - some girlie, inspiring, creative - scrap time.
And meet the women who inspire us so.



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