Sunday, June 11, 2006

Little Katie...

Nath, Kaela and I went to visit Mel, Drew and Kate today.
It was so sweet to see her again... with her blue eyes, big smiles, some baby babble and giggles.
Kate was born 3 months early... nine months ago, but naturally she is "technically" six months of age and doing really well.

Mikaela was OF COURSE totally inlove with her... and rather too much at times...

But Mum and Dad were totally kewl with it, though Kate was struggling a bit!
Beautiful Mum and bub....

Afternoon tea, coffee and cake, catching up on the latest with friends. Lots of photos. Then Katie fell asleep in my arms {I do that to babies.... so cute} before it was time to go. Such a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon on a long weekend.

Enjoy the rest of it peeps.


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