Monday, September 25, 2006

Happy Monday...

Today is different for me.
Different because SHe is not here anymore.
I dont like it.
I feel a bit sad.
My life is changed. Empf.

SO what is a girl to do???
Go shopping.
Thats right peeps!
Gonna get myself a new bikini.

Only two more sleeps till our holiday.
I need new togs (that is what us Aussies call them :-))
Oh ... and swimmers, we call them swimmers too. Heheheh.
So The Jodes is gonna help me at lunch today.
Always need a bestie to help in the cossie (another Aussie term?) selection.
You know they are honest (as they need to be) , and sort of blind to some of your less attractive bits.
Oh, okay - they kindly ignore the orange peel on your thigh... and tell you honestly if the cossie suits *you*.
Serious friendship *grin*
Hey... maybe this will be good fodder for Susannah's new blog? Oiw, no!

On other matters... weekend was GOOOOOD.
Scrap Day yesterday with my sisterhood... just not long enough !! Not enough hours.
I woke up this morning... getting into my "office" clothes, wishing I could just stay home and scrap.
I so wish scrapping/photography WAS my JOB... not just my obsession.

Last night I even managed to tear myself away from my obsession to watch The Brother's Grimm with my guy. I really enjoyed it, and NOT just because of Heath - tho, you know, may have had A LOT to do with it *grin*

Loving this bright sunny weather we are having right now.
Peace and Love out...


b/sistersshoes said...

Hey sweet pea ~ don't give up on the idea that you may one day be paid to have the talent, that's for sure :)

love you & still haven't heard if you got my mail yet??


~Bek~ said...

Dar, honey... I just sent you an email *grin*

Anonymous said...

I call them bathers

~Bek~ said...

"Anonymous".... JOdes is that YOU?
Yeah, I know... its cause you are from Adelaide.
You also call a face washer a flannel.
And I am *so* happy you have passed that term onto Mikaela.
I dont even know HOW that happened.
A flannel is a westie shirt sista.
Bathers ....are people who bathe, like in Roman times.
Love you

Jodes said...

No that wasn't me, but must be some other soul west of the border :) They are most definitely bathers...right up there with flannels for washing your face :)
See soon for lunch babe
We will find some awesome "BATHERS" for you

~Bek~ said...

Ahhh... then it was one of my "stalkers"... you know them ones who NEVER comment. But ALWAYS read.. yeah, you know who you are!!
And so do I ! Afraidy cats who usually email me their comments. SHY.
It was Nathan.
Who also comes from Adelaide.

So we will NOT mention the AFL game on Saturday afternoon which caused both Nath and Jode to have very long faces in my lounge room :-(