Friday, September 22, 2006

I am loving....

.... and so grateful for (in no particular order) these things TODAY, now:
* My newest lifer friend, Shazz... and her NEW BLOG!!
* This woman's blogging.... She is so refreshing.
* This woman's blogging (and our emails) ... She is one talented and sweet sista!
* Having the pleasure to work in the same building as one of my besties {Kim} for some months (it was so much fun), and saying farewell to her today.... as she moves onto a new role that suits *She* and her *family* much better (I am so proud of you Kim) !! And I am really going to miss you!
* She and He... and our happy sunny home this morning... much laughter and general FRIDAY excitement!!
* NOT breaking an arm (or leg) during my night ride last night.... down some crazy steep hills and hairy single tracks. Tho one of my shins is a little mangled!
*Having a Scrap Day on Sunday... with my lovely girlfriends. Yah .. so can NOT wait for that.
*The weather ... 26 degrees. BRING ON SUMMER.. whoo hooo.
* Lunch with my workmates (including Kim) outside ~in the sunshine ~ at the beer garden!

* BBQ fun @ ours tomorrow with a few of Nath's lads from Sydney (and Uni days)... fun stuff.
BTW.... I AM aware that a couple of these things making me *so* happy... are "future" things... but I am kewl with that, cause they are making me happy NOW.
* LIFE !!!
I wish you all love and a *gorgeous* weekend.
Peace out


Leonie said...

oh sista... i am LOVING the new quote from mikaela...

coz i want to DRAW!!!! that is the best...

loving all your joys

Shaz said...

Thankyou you so much sweetness
I love you huge!!!!also
I must say im so enjoying writing my feelings down again i havent kept a diary for so long cant wait to read it in a year.
(I have no memory of last week so its so kool ..LOL..)
HAve a geat weekend cant wait to read about it.

I just want to thank all your blogging friends for sharing their thoughts with me also....Their gorgeous.....
Shaz xoxo

Emily said...

Hey Bek -

I love your blog! Can you tell me what that book is in the picture? I saw your similar link on Boho's blog yesterday, and i'm really clicking with it. I'd love to see if I can find it!


dar said...

Hey you...loving all the love that is beeming right out of your screen.

Any mail at your house yet? It totally should have been there by now???

Love you bek xoxoxoxoxoxox
have a GREAT weekend, love


~Bek~ said...

Leonie... oiw I KNOW, so cute is she.

Shazz... its a great thing. Really helped with my scrapping. And I cant wait to give this big folder to Mikaela one day.. of all these pages in print. She will *know* me. And her, what we DID in our lives - day to day.

Emily... I put a comment on your blog as I could not find your email. I love your picture, really groovy. I hope you get THE book, tis rather special.

Dar... still no snail mail. But I have emailed you *grin*

Lovin' Lovin' and some more Lovin'