Friday, September 15, 2006

Just so you know....

My new catch phrase peeps is "just so you know"
Let me explain.
I sent my love an email ~ a LOVE NOTE kinda email~.
Oiiiiiwwwww, nice, romantic.... even a little dorky.

Only I didnt realise that when you scroll through my address book.
In my internode account.
That you are actually adding all those addresses to your To field.
So I scroll through the list... whistling here may even be appropriate...
cause I am in a happy, good, dorky love mood.. ya know!

Whistle, whistle, scroll, scroll.
I find my loves name... I hit the enter key.
I start to express my love...
By way of a list of "just so you know" statements.

Like "Just so you know... I love you more than anything"

Yadda, Yadda... all very nice.
Press send.
All happy.

For some unknown reason ... I think to check my sent items, just to make sure it went off safely.
Can you imagine my horror when I saw a list long as my arm... of who that email went to??

Okay.. thankfully some of them were non-peeps addresses as such (phew.. only you know there IS a person involved with that address somewhere out there, just without a "name")
Worse - a couple.... were womyn I HARDLY KNOW.... and only just started regular emailing.
AND EVEN worse... a couple who have just sent me a polite email relating to a comment I had made on their blog.
How embarrasssing!!

Thankfully Nath has a good sense of humour... and thought it was funny.
Okay even hilarious.
Me.. well I am an optimist, I immediately go into "well at least mode"
like "well at least" it wasnt raunchy (ya know those kind, you've sent them right... yeah!!!)

Thankfully I have lovely {and kooky} friends who also saw the FUNNY side.
And had me laughing... HARD... about it.
It IS funny.
And asides... I am just sharing the love around.
Its all good.

AND gives me another scrap layout idea : Just so *you* {and half the world}.... knows!

Peace, love... and the ability to laugh at oneself.
Dont sweat it loves.


Leonie said...

Just so you know...
I feel so blessed to have read your loving words to Nath...

Just so you know...
I heart you just as you are...


Just so you know...
I'm still giggling about it...

Just so you know...
I was at my landlords house last night for drinks and talks, and they are in their 40s, have been together since they were 15 and are still madly in love...
and on their fridge was a whiteboard... and on it, they had written love notes to each other...
"I love Phil"
"Jeanne, I believe in you"
It was SO beautiful...
So of course I had to tell them about your love note to the WORLD... they thought that was soooo sweet toooo....


just so you know...
it's friday, and i'm your friend (how amazingly blessed are we!)

~Bek~ said...

Just so you know.
I love this comment of yours.
And I love you too sweets.

darlene said...

I left a "love note" on the toilet seat once (the part you sit on, so that when he lifted it up know...he was surprised with a note)and unfortunately this one WAS raunchy (use your imagination)...and to my horror, my then 15 year old SON decides to use our bathroom that day...which he never does!!!? All I heard was "EWWW!" and I died :0

Needless to say...we didn't have eye contact for a few days. And the hubs? Oh, he thought it was hilarious, of course.

So bek...join the "love note disaster club"

love you sweets