Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursdays are....

Ballet Days!

I love that Kaela is enjoying her ballet.
She is just so cute.
But I secretly hope she gets sick of it before she gets mangled toes.
Or has to do "hip rotations" at age 7.
Makes me cringe.

A funny little story about my nasty side:
Not so long ago at work... I was leaving early to take Mikaela to ballet.
A {not so nice, bit of a gossip... okay a nasty, bitter} woman I work with exlaimed:
W. Oh you are so lucky [leaving early]!
Me. Oh, I know... I am taking Mikaela to ballet!
W. Oh you cant make her do ballet...she'll get bad feet!!!!
Me. Listen (name of woman).... when I had myself a baby girl, I said to myself I want a daughter with bad feet and an eating disorder... so by cricky, thats what I'll get!!

And I walked away.

My friend and I burst out laughing... and most people about did so too.
See - I am a meanie!
Tho I admit to being just a little chuffed with myself in that moment - I dont get people who think others are "lucky"?
Luck is what you make of yourself.
And another thing.... she had no idea of my thoughts on ballet, or why I have chosen to have Mikeala take lessons, or when *I* would prefer she stop. (thing is once you get them started on something... if THEY love it... bugger YOUR ideas *grin*)
Ehum... I digress.

So, I am wondering, will it be horses or ballet?
If my little cutie has my co-ordination, or lack of ~well, you know 'ballet grace'~, then it will be horses for sure *grin*
We will see.

I hope everyone is well and good.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey beautiful!

what you said to the "lucky" woman made me giggle and giggle and giggle...

just like our dreamboarding... "if anyone brings a picture of kate moss to put on their dreamboard... we don't think you belong here..."
bwahahahahahahaaaaa HA

i think you are fabulous, woman...

love you big heaps