Thursday, September 14, 2006

Happy Thursday...

ROCKSTAR SUPERNOVA.... and the winner, the lead singer is announced TODAY peeps.
I already know its TOBY.
Yep our little "Thunder from Down Under"!!!
He is going to win.
Or I think he will.
I hope he does.
EDIT: Toby DID NOT win... amazing!! I was in total shock. I suppose I just thought he was a better "all-rounder" than the others. Oh well, I am sure the exposure will be enough for him to make it as big as he wants.

So what else... mmm not much.
Been mountain biking a fair bit lately.
And I am MOST happy with my progress.
Okay... I am NOT going to even RATE.
Compared to the REAL riders.
But I will be there... and I will ride.
So thats something isnt it?

Nath, Kaela and I caught up with Alex and Di last night.
I love those two, they are gorgeous peeps.
Mecca Bah. Really good food.
Kaela is hard to contain in a restuarant.
But this one has big bench seats and cushions.
Makes it slightly easier.
Plus Di and Alex are great with her.
Not to mention Nath.
HE IS SO GREAT with Mikaela.
SO Great!

I seem to "miss" stuff.
Without my camera.
Saturday night we had a "barbie" here to celebrate Nath's birthday.
A spring time gathering of our friends.
Dave, Rach, Kyle, Jas, Lachie, Cam, Charli, Jodes, Jake, Drew, Tim, Quinn, Callum, Kim, Sime...
A house full.
It was a great night.
Really fun.
Lots of children running about... was lovely.
Makes me most grateful.

So Oh.. yeah did I mention we (Rough Diamonds) won the grand final of our touch football competition last season, oh yeah ... we did. First time I remember. Exciting, no?

So its Thursday.... Kyle is on her way over for a coffee and a catch up.
Then you know... workie, workie.

This pic of me and my girl... I SO LOVE. Love her kisses. Sometimes I wish I could just put her in my pocket and take her with me where-ever I go. Yeah. She totally has my heart.

One other thing...BRING ON SUMMER !!