Monday, September 11, 2006

She is everything to me...

Here is one photo {of the MANY} taken yesterday by Barb of JinkyArt.
Fabulous talented womyn.
We have another session booked this week... because Mikaela is a little camera shy. AND NO... Barb says it has nothing to do with the thousands of photos I have taken of her since birth. Kaela just doesnt think much of being photographed. She much prefers taking the photos. I am so proud.

Incidently... my camera is with my sister Meeges for a few weeks. I am really missing her {my camera, not my sis *grin*}... ELLA.. come home to mama. Okay... I miss my sister too, sometimes. But my camera.... well I know you guys get it!

Barb Uil Artistic Family Photography
Blog - Ph : 0400 388 974
Check her out... she is great!

Oiw... and YES {I have finally changed my banner for September}.
AND... so you know, I have changed to "Beta Blogger"... still some issues blogger need to iron out. But so far, so good. I like it. Does make commenting on other's posts a bit of a pain tho... hopefully they fix that soon.
EDIT: When commenting... one needs to use OTHER!

Happy happy Monday.
Peace and Love


Leonie said...


~Bek~ said...

Or test LEONIE.

Leonie said...


you're the one with the SPECIAL stampeeee.....

Darlene said...

Great banner!!!

What does one say about Mikaela???
She is an ANGEL sent here to set many of us 'adults' straight!

I've missed you love
xxx d

Leonie...testies...for shame ;-)

dsimmonds61 said...


Where are you?