Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This friend of mine....

Is a treasure.
A blessing.

This is Kylie... Mum, Wife, Friend, Scrapping Extrodinaire (published you know!), Stay at home Super Woman whilst finishing a degree... just a great gal frankly! A really lovely person who I find very inspiring... and doesnt require hard work (LOVE that bit)...
If I am about to do something I think is REALLY exciting. I know she will be the one to be JUST as excited. She will be happy FOR ME.
And on times when I am having an issue... Kyles always provides an impartial comment to put things into perspective.
For example... yesterday I felt lacking in the journalling/blogging department - was it meaningful? Can I spell (sorry had to throw that in there... hahaha) I explained to Kyles that:
I guess for me...sometimes I write something and it does come straight from the heart... and in its own way it is very poetic... because it just "came" to me.... it pours onto the paper... pieces of my very soul. And then at other times I feel so rushed and in haste... I just get the words down as quickly as I can. Later when I read it I think I could have written it better... or worse when I feel I have not captured the essence of what I am trying to capture... that moment I am trying to describe.
Kyles sends me an email that restores my spirit and gives me a lift. And through out the course of the day... as we email back and forth (as we do)....
We came up with this:

  • Its okay to rush your journalling... to capture a memory, even if in words you dont love... you have that memory down on paper, that is all that matters.
  • Sometimes when you rush... you write magic.
  • Maybe we will never feel we have "found ourselves" as scrappers. Maybe that IS the journey. Maybe that is how it is supposed to be... ever changing, ever evolving.... just like we are ... just like our lifes.
  • We are never going to be up to date with our scrapping.... ever.
  • We CAN BE everything...the mother, the lover, the sister, the friend, the daughter, the graphic designer, the artist, the photographer, the poet, the writer... so long as we are happy doing so.
  • Friends that inspire ... make life beautiful.
  • Be grateful.
  • Be happy.
  • Be You.
  • And the words of Ali - capture life, create art.... for we are Life Artists.

So my sisterhood, my message about journalling is this: Just get it down, Record It and Be.

And another thing:
I am not proud to admit that at times in my life... I have been envious of this beautiful woman, Kylie. I could write the LONGEST post about why, and how (so boring). Lets just say I have experienced some things in my life that I did not handle very well.

Then I did a lot of soul searching... I started making GOOD decisions. I came to really love myself. I began to be honest with myself and with others, to remove the mask. And to realise we create our own happiness... we can either come from a place of love or hate. Eliminate the Negative ~ Accentuate the Positive (still working on that daily *grin*) Since the day I chose to do all in my life with love, love for myself and love for others... I have opened the door for Kyle and I to be real friends... after knowing each other for ... oh near 10years.

Each day our friendship grows stronger. Because I realised this: friendships need to be about love, laughter and enjoying all the good in life. The most important friendship in life of course... is the one with yourself, then you open the door for other beautiful souls to join you. When you stop comparing yourself to another... and instead take a step back and appreciate yourself and them for the unique talented individuals you are, then you can free yourself of so many rubbish feelings and thoughts... you can just BE. Be honest and true... be yourself and a friend. What a gift, what a blessing...

So this post is by way of an acknowledgement, an apology, a thank you ... and an acceptance of Me.

Thank You My Friend Kylie. You have taught me much. Having you as my friend is a blessing.

Oh and check out Cathy's post today... along the same theme of the wonderful women in our lives. Including the imperfections....

Cause none of us are PERFECT...though at times our life's can seem near so! Absolutely! Peace and Love.

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Shaz said...

Such a Beautiful tribute to your friend honey. She sounds the epitomy of what friends should be.
(but your easy to love) Smile :) I think so any way. I can so totally relate to the rushing and re-reading wanting to better what ive written but im with you live in the moment and let it be.
Hugs to you xoxo