Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Love My Way...

And as if I was not entirely sure... Nath loves mine... a LOT.
I think I mentioned once that I would like to get this series... and we searched unsuccessfully one Saturday.
That was some months ago.
When Nath gave it to me as a gift in the car at lunch time yesterday (after already receiving many lovely gifts in the morning)... I did not just have a teary. I was bawling (kinda the same as Valentines day with his hand made 12x12 card.... i.e. he was a bit worried). I just feel so lucky and blessed. Nathan you are a darling. So, so lovely and special. THANK YOU.
I think Claudia Karvan is terrific and I cant wait to watch it. Especially since Amazing Race has finished.... and the only thing I am watching at the moment is Sopranos (and that is usually late, in bed).
I am one of those people who does not watch very much telly....nope. People often comment "how do you get the time to do that"? about my scrapping or blogging, or whatever. Simple - the only time I watch telly is when I am ironing, or perhaps once or twice a month I watch a movie for cuddles with Nath or Kaela. Can you calculate how many hours teev you watch a week? Yeah... I dont. THATs how I have so many hours to do other things. And thankfully Kaela does not watch much teev either. She would rather draw. The cutest thing is when a movie is put on for her... and she is not watching it... she is at her table drawing. Sweet. That is our way to relax - to do arty stuff, or read. Nath on the other hand loves his teev and that is fine. That's HIS thing... his way to relax and unwind. As it is for many. KEWL.
Maybe its the commercials? Or my impatience to see the next episode?
For me, if I DO watch is on MY time, without commercials... and if I want to watch the next episode straight away... I can do that.
That is how I like my viewing.
And I am certainly looking forward to getting into this series.... whilst I do the ironing.
Thanks Babes...

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