Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Colour Me Happy....

I have a really nice new blue top on today... Espirt, deep sky blue. Love it. And it was cheap! Love THAT even more.

Another thing making me smile? I am getting my hair cut this afternoon... yesim it is that time again. For the chop.

And looking forward to catching up with my gal pal Kyle, not once, but three times this week. I like that. Our get-togethers are:

  1. Touch Footy... another season begins this Thursday nite (brrrrr) and we play in a team called "Rough Diamonds"... hehe very funny.
  2. Scrapping... Kyle's husband is a certified nerd (I think *and hope* he would even be proud I called him that *grin*), and he has games nights, and when he does, we scrap.
  3. Mountain Biking... I dont want to, but I really need begin training for the MONT 24. I figure if I use Nath's bike (HEAVY) to train... then I will have an advantage when I ride a much lighter bike in the actual race. Just a theory!! Cause like thats the issue here.

Funny cause we dont see each other for ages... then 3 days in a row. Which is kewl cause we are both so excited to be doing all these things... and together - even better - !! PLUS its just kewl. Busy is busy and to incorporate some of your busy with another. Well it is LURVELY... synergy of the parts of my life I love. Sweet.

You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't
lose it.
Robin Williams, Comedian

Happy Tuesday


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