Monday, May 29, 2006

Meet Ella...

I have been waiting and anticipating the arrival of this little puppy for some months now...

Actually much more than months. I have dreamt of owning a camera this beautiful for years. And finally I have the means to get her. I have her. This is Ella.

My sister {Lee} and I went to collect her on Saturday. I am so excited > I can not begin to explain my joy.

I know it is a material object. Perhaps it is not right to be SO excited over a material object. But I am, I am, I am. Skippidy-doo-dah, skippidy day. My oh my what a wonderful day.....

My bedtime reading now consists of her manual. Do you think it is weird that as a technical writer..... I dont like reading technical manuals? Infact, unless it is my manual (and I am proof reading it ) or I am reading them purely for a "oh I like that layout" purpose, I loathe reading manuals. I like to try and figure it out for myself... which often I do NOT. Not a lot of the very technical stuff I do for work or pleasure is entirely intrinsic *grin*.

In the end I submit to the manual. And I know ~ that is exactly how my doco is treated ~ It is just the way it is. Most people do not like to ask for direction, even if their life depends on it. Not all peeps, I love those that will read the manual from front to back. I love even more those who actually KNOW what a well written document is and is all about.

Actually I paint myself not entirely true here... I do read manuals, mainly for Adobe Software, cause I like that. But usually I do a night course to get me started... kick me off... give me the fundamentals. Then I self teach myself pretty much all about the product. That is what I am going to do with my camera too. Though I hardly think I will ever know all about that fine piece of technology.....JOY.

So there you go.... you have met Ella. She is my birthday gift to myself {and my family}...and I have already taken some really cute photos of them.

Mind you ... it did cause a little angst with my guy... who was only projecting some huge things happening for him onto my poor little innocent camera. More on that soon I promise... tis actually MOST exciting too. Maybe even more exciting than Ella... maybe *grin*
Will post soon... new pics that is.

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