Monday, December 04, 2006

Womens Circling...

... Is what I do once a month on a Sunday afternoon.
We gather.
We create a sacred space.
We share our stories.
We encourage growth and healing.
We support each other.
We challenge each other to look at our behaviour.
We check our responses to a situation.

We encourage each other to be powerful and brilliant.

We are "foodies"... we bring some amazing sharings.

This little darling, Freya, is our latest addition to the group.
Thanks to our Goddess Angel (that is her name)... who is her beautiful Mum.

Yesterday she slept in the arms of Kaylia, the entire afternoon.
It was beautiful to witness.
Kaylia looked like the Madonna.... perfectly serene.

As we share our stories... tears shed, laughter made and understandings reached.
We circled... our Womens Tribe.

What I find most remarkable is that one woman's story of sorrow and sadness, could be another woman's only wish and dream. To listen (particularly) to those stories, to embrace each other with compassion and love, to hear every story of each sister, can sometimes be painful. It is also beautiful, cleansing, supportive and positive, which is such a gift. Gives us a new and appreciate perspective on things we may not have thought about before.

We also support each other in our many ventures... BIG exciting stuff... stuff in the making, in the process... our dreams and desires.... GOOD FUN stuff. The best stuff.

Fierce and savage.
Loving and tender.
Survivors. Victors.
That is a tribe, our tribe.
Our women.

I love my tribe .... and I am so grateful they are such an integral part of my life.
I look forward to every gathering, as an opportunity to grow and learn.
More and more every day.

Edit: After some contemplation on this post, I think to add this comment: THis circle is not my ONLY circle (though it is the only one where we create a sacred space)... I have others just as powerful. I have my "lifer" friends, my creative women network, my sportos.... and my bloggers... all as important as each other, all womens groups. All wonderful gifts in my life. All inspiring and unique. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and my belly.... with much love and joy.

Peace and Love


ceanandjen said...

Bek~ this sounds like the most wonderful way to spend a Sunday...or any day. Thank you for sharing this with us, as it is so inspiring, even from afar. I am so happy that you have are surrounded by such a loving tribe..a tribe who you can reach out and touch.

Love to you...xoxoxoxo

Shaz said...

I tried the web page you sent sweet but it didnt work so il wait till I talk to you.

Goddess of Leonie said...

oh woman,
that is so fucking true.

i can't say it any other way.

with grace and love and joy in my heart, you have written this so beautifully.

womens circles are amazing...

i thank you,
i love you,
and i honour you, circle sister.

la vie en rose said...

what a wonderful gift this have these women in your be a part of theirs...this is the stuff that changes the world...

Di said...

What a beautiful picture of that gorgeous baby - makes me feel clucky (for a couple of minutes anyway)!