Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lighting of the Christmas Tree...

In our city centre on Saturday night... was spectacular.

Mikaela had a ball.

She MADE me get up and dance with her to "All I want for Christmas is You" (yeah really twisted that rubber arm) !!

Which of course made me cry, despite the fact that I was the only adult amoungst a group of very groovy, happenin' kids..... in front of hundreds of onlooking adults.

That song.
Her smile.
Got me.

Thankfully Nath took HEAPS of photos and I am looking forward to creating a nice collage with them.

All the carols were brilliant... the band was great.

We bumped into an old friend, Sheridan and her two boys (twins), and naturally Mikaela joined up with them, more dancing and much excitement ... and oh my...

W H E N Santa arrived !!

If I had any really thoughts on the Santa sitch... her excitement certainly gave me a good indication as to where to go with it.

And so I will for as long as I can...

I encourage her to believe in Angels and Fairies... Santa is an angel! Its all good!

((hugs)) and love and .... its beginning to feel a LOT like Christmas!!




ceanandjen said...

Bek, I adore that first picture of the two of you looks magical! I am so glad to hear that the three of you beautiful people are enjoying the holiday season.

Love to you...xoxoxo

Goddess of Leonie said...

oh sweetie,

this is so beautiful ~~~

just so beautifult


b/sistersshoes said...

OOooooo AAHhhhhhhh the tree is beautiful, but the picture of the 2 of you dancing...made my heart swell and teary.

You have one very special girl there

And one gem of a mommy too.

what a fantastic post bek!
Miss you love,

Ronda P. said...

What a sweet story, brought tears to my eyes. That tree is amazing!

Shaz said...

Oh sweet such a gorgeous time you are the perfect mooma and my angel,
Thankyou for your call.
Love You u little groover!!!

Di said...

Bek - you are so much like me sometimes. I would of cried my little eyes out too. Our children have great imaginations, lets hope they believe in fairies and angels and santa for a long time to come yet!

JanePoe said...

the BEST thing about Christmas is watching the joy in our children's eyes as they experience the magic :) & peace, JP