Friday, December 01, 2006

Parallel Universe.....

One of my besties Kim... said it best when I told her this story... she said "its like living in a parallel universe"....
One where Bek gets up in the morning and does her walking....
THE OTHER (the dark side)... where Bek DOES NOT get up and go walking!!!

*I* KNOW I am not much of a morning person.
No-one else knows this better than Nathan and Mikaela.
With my walking of late.
We all forgot.
Yesterday morning... we were reminded!

The day before I had walked in the morning and swam in the evening... about 1.5 hours excercise all up.
I decided.... I could take a morning OFF.
I decided.... I could have a little sleep in.
I decided... I didnt need to walk EVERY morning.
I decided ... WRONG!

Man... I am a B.A.D morning person.
Really ugly BAD.
Uiw... shudder kind of BAD.
Okay.. maybe not quite THAT bad, but not nice!
I hate the mornings when I dont walk.
Full stop, simple ... truth!

FLIP SIDE, Parallel Universe.... when I DO get up and walk.
I love everything and everyone....

Okay, THAT is not entirely true... I didnt like the sooky lalilah, victim, shop assistant girl complaining about all her shifts and taking it out on us {her customers} by being rude... at 7am, I did not love her! But HAD I NOT walked ?? well, lets just say.... I probably would have given the girl a mouth full !! (Nasty pasty)

When I get up and walk... I feel good, really good. I get a kick start to the morning.. and the rest of my day goes so well. I have a good attitude about anything that comes my way.

I have my outfit (my sweaty gross outfit) - I wear the same thing everyday... yep GROSS, but its a consistency thing! (I DO wash them)...
I have my wrist weights... my ipod, and a beautiful, big and steep hill mother nature made *just for me* (and everyone else I pass as we cheerily greet each other at the dawn of the morning)...

I dont always FEEL like getting out of bed... but I have given myself this mantra, that DOES IT {for Me} it may not for you, but I share anyways...
To reach goals, a successful person will DO IT, even when they dont want to!

I have found without a shred of a doubt... that it is much harder NOT to do it, than it is TO DO IT, if that makes sense, if you know what I mean?

This walking thing is new to me. I have only been going for 2 weeks... and I have been fairly consistent. I am enjoying the changes. I am committed to this new regime.

By Christmas I hope to have lost quite a few kilos.... and that is just another reason to inspire me.
It began.... as THE incentive, THE only reason - now it has become the icing on the cake.

I love walking Bek!
I am going to keep her!
She is much more fun.
And.... I LOVE FUN !!

Love and Peace out....


Shaz said...

Your so damn funny...and so am I when I laugh apparently, as ben is shaking his head at my, well u know my subtle quiet giggles(not)
I can so relate to mornings and also to the getting up and exercising thang (not at the moment) but I was just like you so much nicer then when I slept in.
How many sleeps? my brain doesn't work (and I'm lazy) but anyway not long cant wait.
wuv wu xoxox

ceanandjen said...

I am like you....VERY NOT NICE in the morning. Don't talk to me, don't look at me, don't breath around me until I deem you worthy. It's not pleasant, really.

You rock for getting up early and kick starting your day with a good walk. You rock even more for keeping up with it. Goodness, I feel a bit inspired...except that it has been in the low 30's here in the morning, and I am not quite that brave.

Happy walking sweet Bek! xoxoxo

la vie en rose said...

i feel this very same way about walking in the i don't know why i don't get myself up and make myself do it...