Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Melbourne Cup Day...

I love Melbourne Cup Day...

Nath and his partners got a table in a marquee... we had a buffet lunch and champers.
We made a few bets... didnt win a thing!

Still... it was SO much fun !!!
We had a ball.

I met some really fabulous people. And I have my first scrapbooking client, to do commission work for. Exciting stuff indeed!

Unfortunately I only took my macro lens and therefore no full length shots of me in my frock!

Here's to good & fun times.



Goddess of Leonie said...

you look gloriously gorgeous honey...
BOTH of you...

*giggle giggle*

i love your fascinating pussy...

(there's a story on this one)...

i was rather champagne-ode by this stage... and was standing in the line for some cheesecake... and the guy behind me who is the head IT security guy... said "hey leonie, what do you call those feather things those women wear?"

"oh! they are called fascinatings... fascinating pussies... it's an olde english name... so when you see someone wearing a nice one, say WOW WHAT A FASCINATING PUSSY YOU HAVE!"

fascinators in our office will never be the same again.

Reason #443 Leonie Shouldn't Drink Pink Champagne.


b/sistersshoes said...

What a lovely couple!!!

Could you two look any happier??

I don't think so, loving the should use it next tuesday for your Glam shot...too cute!;-)

I owe you an email :)

love you so much,
xoxo darlene

~Bek~ said...

Leonie... that is FUNNNNEEEE, you naughty girl. Oh... you are naughty with our without the champers darling!!

Dar.. thanks hun. Naturally I think so! Love you too sweets.


Shaz said...

Gorgeous Talented you and yours.
Congrats on your first client I know youll do a fabulous job sweet.

~Bek~ said...

Shaz.. thanks honey!

ceanandjen said...

You look so STUNNING!!!!! No matter that there are no full length pictures, because we can tell that you rocked! And a big hurrah for your new client. That is extremely exciting. As I always say, your work is divine!